Return of the cells

So, kinda freaking out a little. 

Just had the results of my 1st smear after having lletz carried out in February 17 and I have more cell Changes!!!  What next? Does this ever get any easier? I told myself to expect abnormal results as I am aware it can take time to clear the HPV virus but nothing prepares you for being told there are more abnormalities. I am a mother to 3 wonderful daughters and a wife to the most amazing husband. I can't help but catastrophise the situation and now have my children growing up without a mother (I know this sounds stupid. Even as I'm typing but this is how I feel) 

has anyone else gone through this? I'm seriously considering asking if they will just take my womb and cervix away!!! 


Thanks in advance



It's a natural reaction, the waiting is awful. Have they said what cell abnormalities you have? I have had 2 LLETZ treatments for high grade CGIN and am now having a hysterectomy on Friday. 


no they haven't said what the abnormalities or changes are which is in itself frustrating. Can cancer grow that quickly? My results letter after lletz stated clear margins which in my head means they got all of the pre cancerous cells? How can there me changes within 6 months? do you think they will allow me to opt for hysterectomy? I already have 3 children with no intention of having more. My husband had a vasectomy 3 years ago so our family is complete. 

I hope your operations goes as well as planned. Good luck!!! X

I had a lletz 6 month later went for my smear more cell changes I went for my colposcopy today and she said it all looked fine. I do have high risk hpv as well I am back to yearly smears. Think positive xx