LLETZ and margins

Hi All

I had results of a smear +HPV16 and CIN 3, so consultant performed a colposcopy and said there was a quite a lot of abnormal cells so I’ve just had a LLETZ under general anaesthetic.  

I have to wait for results but the consultant mentioned that he managed to get clear margins .... has anyone else had this, I’m assuming it’s good news but would they still confirm if any CC cells showed up or does it mean all were just abnormal cells? I was still groggy when I spoke to the consultant so didn’t get to ask these type of questions! 

Sorry for the long message!

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Unless there is a tumour large enough to be seen through the colposcope, then they can't rule out cc completely until after they biopsy what was removed. However, the colposcope magnifies things so if there are cancer cells it will be a very small area and caught early. Remember this is rare. 

Your biopsy will confirm the grade of cells removed and confirm the surgeon's comment of clear margins.

Time to treat yourself and focus on your recovery.


Hoping you're doing ok and dont have a long wait ahead. I'm sorry I have no advice to offer but in the same position as you, minus the advice about clear margins. Good luck.