Is this good news?

Hi all.
My results from my colposcopy and LLETZ treatment came back this week (after 1 week 6 days) by the consultant calling me on the phone.
She said cin3 was found with no clear margins and there were also abnormal cells within the canal too.
They’ve rebooked me in for a second LLETZ next week.
I’ve also had to provide a stool sample???
She said there’s nothing to worry about though.

I’m in a total mess! Does it sound bad or good? I don’t know what to think.

Please, please please if you have any similar experiences or advice I would be most grateful.
Thank you very

They didn't say cancer Hun so I think so :) the bi clear margin is the cells went to the edge of the loop biopsy and stool sample im not sure about this. Good luck Hun x

Thank you for your reply.

my last LLETZ was only 3 weeks ago and I'm not even healed from that yet :(

i think I'm going to take my mum with me next time so I'll actually remember to ask questions.

i don't understand any of this.


they will talk a treatment plan with you, in the best way to treat it may not be now but in a few weeks when you've healed :) chin up Hun xx

Hi Rockabilly!

I have a very similar situation. Results of the first LLETZ were HSIL extensive and unclear endocervical margins.. I had my first procedure August 20 and my second LLETZ November 5. I am now waiting on results.

I just wanted to send you hugs as this waiting game and unknowing is terrible!


Same situation here. Had 1st LLETZ 9th November and booked in on the 4th December for 2nd LLETZ. After abnormal smear. 1st ever one age 24.

I had a phone call from the hospital saying I'm calling to warn you that you will be recieving a letter to come back in as results show your situation has spread but it really hasn't made any sense to me? Don't know wether to be worried or not?