LLETZ results - no mention of margins??

Hi All,
Received my LLETZ results this weekend and I am a little confused (and worried again!). The letter I got simply confirms that I had a procedure and then says, “LLETZ biopsies: CIN 3 (severe abnormalities)”. It is then followed by a brief paragraph saying that I have been discharged from the colposcopy clinic and advising me to book a smear and HPV test in 6 months time. Why is there no mention of margins? From what I have read on here, this is usually included in the results, right? But can I assume that as I have been discharged, that everything has been taken out?? Just as I was beginning to feel normal again, this letter has caused all those horrible feelings of dread and worry to kick in (especially as I was initially diagnosed with moderate dyskaryosis, then CIN 2/3 and now full blown CIN 3!). The one positive is that it didn’t come back with cancer and I am super grateful for that but I just can’t help but think that this letter is very unhelpful and promotes uncertainty?? Argh!! I am going to call up the clinic tomorrow and ask to speak to the doctor or nurse for a bit of clarification. I was just hoping to put it all behind me :frowning: Anyone else had a similar letter?

Hi I had exactly the same thing happen in September and like you I was worried. I decided to ring the hospital and spoke to the nurse who had done the procedure who said the machine had malfunctioned which is why they couldn’t report on clear margins but she wasn’t worried which is why I had been discharged . It’s not ideal as I would have liked to have known now but she did say reporting on clear margins was a fairly new thing anyway and that most people have got the all clear after the 6 month wait. She also said that if the lletz had not cleared the CIN the thing they did after the lletz where they seal it would have got any remainder of CIN that the lletz hadn’t got.

hey honey, I think thats good news you know! my lletz result was a phone call 1 weeks later saying they didnt get it all and i need either another lletz or hysterectomy. Yours is that you have been discharged, thats excellent. If they had managed to get a a clear margin for me, i’d have received a letter saying I neede a six month follow up…so I think you can relaz a little honey xx

Aw thank you both for the quick responses!! This whole experience has turned me into a pessimistic nervous wreck - I just wish the letter spelled out that everything was successfully removed - I need to see it in black and white and not have to read between the lines!! Vikkilizzy - so sorry they did not get it all. I am sure you will find the strength to take on whatever is necessary to be healthy and free of abnormalities/cancer. I feel so bad that there are so many of us going through this horrible experience - but so good to hear from people that understand the sheer nightmare of it all!! Good luck ladies for your next procedure/tests - we will get through this!! Xxx

Hi, I’ve had exactly the same issue as you - got my letter on Friday and all it says is “The histology has been reported as CIN 3 and high grade CGIN” - no explanation, nothing. Like you, I take it as a good thing that the letter just says they’ll see me for my smear test in 6 months, but I really wanted to see it in black and white too. A massive “IT’S ALL GONE!!” would have been nice! I’m going to ring the nurse tomorrow for her to clarify. Did you speak to yours and get some answers? I ended up googling which wasn’t a good idea because it scared me! xxx

Hi Lolly! I’ve replied on your thread