Lletz 2yrs ago... everything has changed.

EHi Ladies.


I'm sorry to bother you with this but I don't know if it's normal?


2013 I had my first smear and had CIN3 cells.


I had part of my cervix burned away to rid me of the cells.


Ever since I have had 0 sex drive absolutely zilch, I feel so bad for my partner who really doesn't understand even tho I've tried to explain.


Anyway my partner managed to get me horny yesterday 1st time in ages, but I turned him away as instead of that nice horny feeling, all I could feel was my cervix hurting and aching.


When I'm on I cant use tampons much anymore as they make my cervix ache even more than normal period pain. 


Is this normal? I'm so worried this is either physical/mental LT damage from LLETZ or could it be something worse?!


Grateful for any advice xxx


Have you got any further with this? Hope all is ok xx

I have had laproscopy to check for endo - negative and have been (i think) misdiagnosed with mittelschmerz which it cant be as the pain is in my cervix not ovary and i rarely get ovulation pain?! I just manage with strong pain meds now and unable to use tampons anymore. I would go on pill or something but we want to get pregnant (no luck yet) x