CIN3, High Risk HPV, LLETZ & pelvic pain



At the end on November 2014 I had LLETZ to remove CIN3 cells.  Previous to this I was advised I have high risk HPV.  A few weeks prior to LLETZ I began to get some abdominal pain similar to period pain.  Although wasn't having periods then due to breastfeeding.  Following the LLETZ the pain eased a little. 


In January of this year I began to experience the pain again. Particularly bad if I needed a number 2.  I also started to have a small amount if discharge.  I went back to my doctor and they did a full set of bloods and sent me for a pelvic scan.  At the time it felt like the pain was in my right ovary.  All bloods came back fine, urine sample fine and nothing on pelvic scan that showed any concern. 


Pain in still didn't leave so returned to my doctors.  They did not want to treat pain at that time as I had mastitis from breastfeeding so they wanted to focus on getting it better instead.  


The pain is now getting worse & is constantly there.  It feels as if i am wearing a tampon that isn't properly in position / severe period pain.  It is worse on one side (my right) & pain sometimes radiates into my right hip & my lower back.  The discharge has also increased a lot.  It is a watery thickiest yellow / green colour. 


Is this normal after a LLETZ to have the above? Am I overreacting by constantly going back to my doctors as they don't seem too concerned? 


Thanks in advance x

Hi hon,

it doesnt sound like anything that would be connected to a lletz from a year and a half ago. Have you had a smear? You shouldn't have to be putting up with pain, so I really wouldn't feel like I was being a pest if I were you. I'd say pester them more! 

Could it be something connected to giving birth, ratherr than something connected to cc, do you think?


Molly xxx

Sorry I put the wrong date on when I had my LLETZ, it was November 2014.  Going to ring my GP again in the morning.  

thanks x