Discomfort 10 weeks after LLETZ

Hi all,

I am hoping someone on here may be able to advise me. From my sig you can see that I had LLETZ for cin3 in November, I hardly had any pain or bleeding afterwards. My first period was pretty horrific but everything seemed to settle down after that. Have even resumed relations with my boyf and thats been ok!!! (well apart from the nerves)

However the last couple of weeks, I have developed quite an ache "down there" - a bit like period pain which just wont go away Frown. Has anyone had this before? Do i need to see a doctor or is it just going to take some time to settle down?


thanks in advance


cat xx 

Hi Cat - I had a sharp pain in my cervix when I climaxed for about that long but I assumed it was because I had deep tissue removed (sorry if that’s TMI), but it’s ok now.

However, if you have ongoing paiin this long after the procedure, I’d suggest getting it checked, to put your mind at rest if nothing else.

Good luck x

Thanks for your reply love, oddly I also have the same pain after orgasm as well! Will give it a week and contact the dr if its still the same 


I can see your op was today, thinking of you and I hope you are ok


Sending lots of best wishes xxx

guys is there any of you who had lletz and fell pregnant easily/