Painful cervix 7 weeks after lletz?

Hi it will be 7 weeks tomorrow since I had my Lletz and I had my letter a fortnight or so ago to tell me the margins were clear (although they didnt tell me how abnormal the cells were).


In the last three days I have started to experience a pain in my cervix Kind of like shooting pains. It feels like when you are pregnant and your cervix has those horrible shooting pains right near the end of the pregnancy if that makes sense lol. Its also accompanied by an achey oain to like mild period pain.


has anyone else had this? I havent had any pain from my lletz at all apart from the first few days after the procedure itself so Im a little worried aout this.


any advice or experience would be appreciated!

hi huuni sorry i cart help you as i have not had my lletz yet just dint wont to read and run i think may be you shud give ur gp a ring in the morning  xxx

I've had the sharp stabbing pains in my cervix, im assuming its my cervix anyway it's that general area. I noticed it first a while after my first lletz and I still get it now. I noticed that I get it before and after my period so I'm guessing that maybe I have scar tissue or something from the lletz that hurts when the cervix moves ( I think it does around your period) That's just my guess though. I mentioned it to a doctor before and she said it was probably a yeast infection. I also feel itchy during my period  and a bit sore, which I didn't do before lletz. Maybe the lletz makes you more sensitive. I don't get the achey pain you mentioned. You could mention it to your doctor they might have heard of it before and have an explanation for it. I'm going to mention it at my next smear. I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has experienced it.