10 months after LLETZ

Hi Guys,

Been referring to this site since first diagnosed with CIN 3 in Feb 2013. Had LLETZ back in Mar 2013. Not posted anything yet!

I was hoping to find someone with similiar problems to myself. It's been 10 months now since my procedure and since had my 6 month check up which came back clear, which I was pleased about especially after months of worrying.

I am currently back and forth to my GP with re-occuring pain that has only appeared since having the procedure for CIN 3. I visited the GP back in April with spotting in between periods, cramp and bleeding after intercourse. I was reffered back to Colopscopy and they said it hadn't healed properly yet but everything looked fine. Nothing more was said.


I have since been back endless times with sharp pinching pain in left lower abdomen (near ovary), bleeding and pain after intercourse, cramp, dull ache in lower back and spotting between periods. I am slightly worried as my GP really does not seem interested and keeps dismissing it as allsorts of weird and wonderful things that don't seem to be related to my lady parts!


I am becoming continually frustrated, worried and upset as I feel i am the only person to have witnessed symptoms ten months after LLETZ. I'm worried there could be an infection that has been missed and may cause long term damage etc.


If anyone has any similiar experiences/ info then I would really appreciate it.


Laura x

Hey , my experience Is not the same but I just wanted to say that you know your own body. I would ask (demand) for further investigation if not just to put your mind at rest …all the best lea xx

Hi Lea,


Thank you for your reply. I agree with you. I am there again thursday and going to ask for referral this time instead of explaining my symptoms as I feel I am getting no where.

As for knowing your own body, definitely and this is why it's so frustrating and worrying from your own point of view. I think more info on after care etc should be provided when you have LLETZ.

And just seen you're having further treatment this month good luck xxx

Laura x