10 weeks post Lletz treatment

10 weeks post Lletz
Hi there,

I’m 28, and as per the title I am 10 weeks post Lletz.

Having been diagnosed with CIN2/3 and having had confirmation they were successfully removed, my recovery was fairly straight forward. Pain and bleeding for 4 weeks, and by six weeks I was back to gentle exercise.

All was going really well until recently I had a random bleed, and twice after intercourse I bled and experienced soreness. I have emailed my consultant but I am not sure if this is normal or not. I am always regular with my periods, which has been normal but I never experience random bleeds or post sex soreness or bleeding. Is this normal so soon after the operation or do I need to consultant my doctor?!

I have also noticed, my skin has become a little more spotty perhaps from upsetting my hormones?

Apologies from a very anxious person.

Hey hun. I too am 28 and had my lletz about 10 weeks ago. I've had 2 regular periods since then but I have been struggling with period pains the past week, even though I'm not due on. 

only you know your body so if your concerned doesn't hurt to go and see your gp. I am seeing mine tomorrow as something just doesn't seem right x

Hi Chantelle

Like you and the lass that posted above I'm 10 weeks past lletz. I'll write out what I've experience healing. Seems we have quite a bit in common...

I will be 10 weeks post lletz tomorrow. I had CIN 3 removed with clear margins. 

The first week after the lletz I hardly bled then I had bleeding which at some point, can't remember exactly, it turned to small coffee like grains. Then died down over the next 3 weeks or so.

I had a heavy, painful period a few weeks ago (totally normal for me as I have endometriosis) so everything seemed to return to normal. I then had sex and had some bleeding and pain afterwards. This has happened a few times. 

I've been putting it down to things getting irritated during intercourse and slow healing. If it continues after my next period I will be going to my GP. 

I must admit it's reassuring to hear I'm not alone but would not wish this on anybody 

HI Roxy,


I had a totally normal recovery and it had been going well. But a few times I have had sex and its either uncomfortable on one side and bled, whilst other times its been ok.

I have emailed my consultant, so I will await to see what he thinks but I will go to the doctors about my skin. It all seems hand in hand but piece of mind I just want to know everything is ok.

I will will let you know what they say but fingers crossed its nothing too bad. Keep me updated with your situation.. :)


Thanks ladies for the feedback, its reassuring to chat to ladies in a similar situaiton!

Well I went the gp this morning, there was lots of discussion with other doctors and the decided to book me in for a pelvic ultrasound scan! Now I just have to wait for the appointment to come through x