advice if poss - months after lletz

Hi all you wonderful ladies, some of you may remember a few posts from august September time last year when i had an abnormal smear and subsequently went onto have successful letz for Cin3. Since then i have been having pains inside my vagina, sorry to be crude! I have been to see the doctor and nurse about this, been examined internally not so long after the treatment, had urine tests and also blood tests which i requested all to come back normal. Im due my test of cure this week which i have to say i am petrified about and there i will mention this ongoing pain! But i just wanted to know if anyone hd experienced this after letz? I have scowled the net like i do and i cannot find much on it, just seems very coincidental that it all started after the procedure...

Since having the lletz my periods are normal, i dont have any abmormal bleeding spotting or abdo pain but im starting to worry myself now with what this could be - sometimes its just a dull ache and other times like a sharp pain just slightly inside the vagina....i can go a good few days without anything but then it comes back! I should also add i sometimes get what i can only describe as a kind of muscle twitch in there too!! Any opinions would be great xx 

Anyone? Xxx

Hi Natty, I had my LLETZ in December and have not have pains like this. A few stabbing pains in the ovaries alright though.

Perhaps you should raise the issue again with your GP or Consultant, better safe than sorry. At least you can put your mind at rest xx

Thank you for replying,

I had spoken to the nurse and my doctor a number of times and they just dont seem concerned by it?! Ive got my follow up smear tomorrow at the hospital tomorrow so will defiantly mention it. Could pain in the vagina be something more sinister?? I cant see anything about getting pains inside the vagina listed anywhere as part of symptoms of CC, im driving myself mad xx

Hi Natty,

I just wrote a reply to this but it seems to have disappeared :)

I had similar pains and never really got an explanation. I haven't really had any that I remember since around the time I was told they couldn't see any abnormal cells at my follow up colposcopy in September and (and I am not saying this explains your pains at all) I honestly think I might have imagined them with me being so nervous and scared something sinister was going to show at my check up. This may not be the case with you though so be very persistant with the doctors.

When your at your smear tomorrow, maybe mention it again and explain other's have been dismissing it as nothing. If you sit down and explain all that and how worried it's making you, they will hopefully start to take you more seriously.

I hope your check up goes well tomorrow.

Good luck xx

Thanks Fiona, i suffer with terrible anxiety since having my little boy and the docs put everything down to that now, its as if they dont take me seriously and it must just be me imagining it! Ive definitely only had the pains since the lletz, if i remember rightly it started a couple of weeks after it. Its like if i go to the docs with earache it must be my anxiety playing up! Argh!!! I am very worried about my check up tomorrow but then think surely i have not been imagining this pain for the past 5 months!! 

Typically im due on in the next couple of days and started with period pains so im hoping it holds off until after 3pm tomorrow!

Glad your follow up went well xx