Hello everyone. Ive had a letter following a colposcopy i need Lleitz due to CN1 and HPV. Not going to lie i am shi**ing myself. Can anyone tell me what the pain is like afterwards ? Ive recenlty had a coil fitted and that was bad enough ( i am a wimp) I suffer with aniexty so any smear etc and a nightmare for me. Been reading threw some of the topics and wow you ladies ate strong. X

Hey! I hope you’re okay. I would really recommend calling whatever number is on your letter and telling them about your anxiety etc. When I went for my colposcopy I had major anxiety around the whole situation to the point I was shaking, crying and at the end of the appointment I had a panic attack. With that in mind the Dr recommended any treatment I may need such as LLETZ , I would require general anaesthetic. I hope that helps xx

Hello i am having general anaesthetic as i have an allergy to local. Its more the pain sode afterwards im w9rried about i am such a wimp.