Letter 2 weeks after lletz?

Hi everyone,
I’m new here and a bit anxious. I had an abnormal smear and had a loop cone biopsy (lletz - they cut part of the cervix out rather than lasered off cells) 2 weeks ago today, I received a letter in the post with an appointment for Monday today. I have no idea what the appointment is. Is it normal to have a follow up 2 weeks post biopsy treatment? I was under the impression I’d just get the results in the post?

Hi there,
I can’t reply specifically to your question and hope others will be able to reply. Is there a reason why they did a cone biopsy vs a LLETZ straight away? Did you have CGIN abnormalities? Did they do a biopsy before they did the cone treatment ?
What did the letter say specifically ?
Best of luck for your appointment, keep us posted xx

Hi Clairette,
I’ve confused things - it was a lletz, but the one where they take away a chunk of the opening as they said my abnormal cells were inside the cervix… and the letter literally just says ‘your appointment is on the 6/6/2022 at gynaecology outpatients at 9.25am with miss abedin or one of her team’ and then the usual standard text about if you need to rearrange. Xx

Hi Jodeang, I had the exact same as my abnormalities were also on the inside (this is called CGIN). I hope someone is going to answer regarding your appointment. Maybe you could call the colposcopy department to enquire about the nature of the appointment ? (I am going privately so my results are discussed via an appointment too, but this is because it’s private and not NHS).
Keep us posted on your appointment on the 6th of June, not long to go now… xx


I had my loop LLETZ end of March and results were CGIN so was invited back for 2nd treatment today. Im 35 and have no kids, due to be married in 5 weeks and after a lengthy discussion with consultant it was agreed I would wait 6 months to see if cells go back to normal. She was going to discuss things with a colleague and arrange a smear in october once im back from honeymoon. To be honest there was so much information i feel like i only took part of it in.

Ahh ok, so you got a letter inviting you in and offering more treatment? Hopefully that will be the case for me and not that they tell me I have cancer or anything!! X

Yeah i did and everything was discussed at my appointment so try not to worry too much.

Hi Jodeang,
Hope you are well, how did your appointment go?


So it turned out that I had cervical cancer. Stage 1a1 but they said they had got it all with the lletz thank god. Are you in the same boat? X

Hi Jodeang,

Sorry to hear that hope your doing ok! Thats really good news though that they got it early and removed

I have to go to another appointment but its for a second Lletz got my results this weekend which are GCIN/CIN3

Thanks for replying x

Hi Jodeang,

I found myself in very similar circumstances recently after my 1st LLETZ (was initially booked for cone biopsy but surgeon decided on LLETZ on the day), being told I had a stage 1A1 adenocarcinoma (completely excised) with remaining CGIN lesions.
After hearing the word cancer I didn’t appear to listen much and was completely overwhelmed as to what was going to be the next best step. Thankfully, my consultant recognised this and agreed to see me a week later to discuss further. My initial thoughts were just to go big and opt for a radical hysterectomy for fear of leaving more CC (I have a 2.5yr old and a 4.5m old so wanted to be sure I’d done everything). But after a calmer discussion, he felt that it wasn’t likely I’d have more CC lesions and only CGIN so recommended a 2nd LLETZ treatment to check for more CC and there is any then go for a radical hysterectomy and if only CGIN then opt for a keyhole simple procedure. Obviously, would prefer the keyhole surgery for recovery’s sake but I’m prepared to have a radical hysterectomy if my results suggest there’s possibly more CC.

It’s all quite overwhelming and difficult to come to terms with and make the right decisions.
Positives are that they’ve caught everything very early and surgery could very well be curative.

I’m currently looking into using AHCC to try and help my body clear the HPV and will be getting the vaccine course too.

Have they decided on a treatment plan for you? Or are they just monitoring for now? X

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