Hey Ladies, 

I had a Colposcopy 6 weeks ago which at the same appointment i told them to go ahead with a LLETZ, after she showed me the area that had abnormal cells. Anyway i have recieved my biopsy results and they are stating the cells taken away were CIN2 but have also found CGIN and i need to back for another colposcopy and LLETZ treatment!

My question is could i request a cone biopsy? I know this sounds strange but i am done with having childen my partner has had the snip and i dont want the hassle of another few weeks passing and getting the same result from the LLETZ! I just want it dealt with and if the cells are that far into my cervix and birth canal surely this would be a better and more final option?

I am currently waiting a call back from my consultant but just wanted peoples opinion and to see if anyone else has experienced the same issues.


Thanks ladies xx

Sounds like a perfectly reasonable and rational request to me :-) But then I am not a doctor.

Be lucky