CGIN treated with LLETZ


I am new to this forum so not sure how it all works. I recently had a smear that came back with severe high grade abnormalities of the endocervical canal. I went for a coloposcopy and had treatment with a LLETZ diathermy with a local anaesthetic. The area that was removed was quite large. I am worried that I should of been treated with a cone biospy as it was CGIN, the nurse who did it said it was 50:50 chance it is cancer and has sent it off for a biopsy but then she said she was 95% sure it wasn't. I am so confused/scared. Has she done it properly? Am I going to die?! The waiting is killing me. I am 37 yrs old with a young family, so shocked!

Any advice would be gratefully received x 

Try not to worry. Impossible I know! I had CGIN and it wasn't all removed. They can tell as they can see if there are clear margins or not (basically normal cells round the outside) and if not (like me) you'll go back for another LLETZ or cone biopsy x

Hi Hal

i too had a biopsy taken today and a LLETZ treatment carried out, I asked about the grading and she said the abnormal cells were higher up in the cervix so it was different. I now have a two week wait to see what the results are, try not to worry, easier said that done I know, but my doctor said she hoped she had got it all with the treatment, but had to wait for results. Good luck.


Hi hal,  I had exactly the same post letz was confirmed cin3 plus cgin. I had a letz treatment and they confirmed clear margin s with no sign of cancer. I too am worried they didn't go high enough and there is some gcin hiding in there but I've spoken to hospital again who have tried to reassure me its extremely unlikely. I'm going back in 5 months for another colposopy and a brush smear. Its really frightening I know. I've turned from a normal rational person into thinking awful thoughts especially middle of the nights. But try and think they have you under there care and have removed everything they could see and I just thank god for the testing process by NHS. I know its hard but be strong and the ladies on this site has helped me feel better. Xxx  p.s feel free to ask anything. 

Thank you everyone for all your help and support. I had a call from the hospital today who said that the biopsy came back as CGIN but no cancer and margins clear. Got follow up in six months but I am seeing a consultant tomorrow because I am considering having a hysterectomy because I am fortunate to have had my family and dont want to ever go through this again. Do you think I am being a bit over the top? I am going to ask about how they know it isn't higher up,

The middle of the night is the worst time for me too, I just sob! ! 

Thank you everyone, this forum has been amazing x 

No I don't think your being over the top. I have been considering the same. Are you seeing an NHS consultant or private. I would be very interested to see how you get on with your meeting hal if you wouldnt mind and what they say about the cgin. I'm 33 and have one child but don't want any more. I know having a hysterectomy is a big decision but I don't think I can cope with this worry. Xx 

Hi, I had my appointment with a consultant tonight. I paid privately as I am freaking out! I am very glad i did because my consultant went over my lab results again and said that although I had been advised the margins were clear in fact the margins still contained low grade abnormal cells. I had been told they were clear under the nhs tests. Next steps is another biopsy (lletz under LA) to see if low grade cells still on margins in 4 weeks once all has healed. If abnormal cells still found then he will treat and review again in six months. If still abnormal then i will need a hysterectomy. He doesn't want to do it too early because of the risk of bladder damage, vaginal prolapse and pelvic floor issues. 

He thinks perhaps my CGIN was missed on previous smears. I had CIN 3, CGIN and SMILE?! Was very bad. 

Will keep you posted xxx 

Ps meant to say though that i am out of danger and all just being ultra cautious x

Thank you for updating hal. Good luck for every thing xx 

Thank you, good luck to you too xxx 

Hi all

I had a letter today from the hospital saying that they will be discussing my case at their next MDT meeting to decide on the best follow up. Not sure if I should be worried about this or not. Still bleeding after all this time as well!!