LLETZ results finally...CGIN?? dont really understand

I recieved a letter 4 weeks after my first lletz saying that the consultant would like to discuss my results in person and arrange further treatment......My apt was yesterday, she basically said that my results have come back saying CIN3 + CGIN, She explained breafly that it meant the cells were higher up than just on the base of the cervix. They are repeating the lletz next week, what i dont understand is if the cells are higher up then how do these yet removed by lletz when that is only taking cells off the base of the cervix?? i think i was a bit overwhelmed that i have forgotten most of what she said......

Any explination or advise?

Vikkie xx

I had a very similar diagnosis.  The CGIN is very similar to CIN but affects a different type of cervical cell that occurs higher up.  It sounds like they want to repeat the Lletz to see if they can remove it and get clear margins that way.  Otherwise the next step is a cone biopsy which a bit more invasive.  This is what I had under GA, as my CGIN was high grade over a large area, and they wanted to be sure they got it all.  I found it really helpful to have a little notebook with me at all times and as soon as i had a question or worry i would write it down.  I took all these questions to the consultant each time and I wasnt going anywhere until they answered them all!  :)  i hope it goes well and you get some clear answers from the hospital.