CGIN & microscopic cancer in Lletz biopsy

Hi ladies.  I am a bit new here so not too sure I am doing this right yet.

I had a smear come back abnormal in March and was referred to Colposcopy clinic.  They explained they thought I had CGIN and wanted to do a Lletz and biopsy which they did there and then which was great as it got it over and done with. I got the results over the phone last week as the hospital had just sent a letter with a new appointment to be which had frightened the life out of me.  The Dr said the biopsy confirmed I had CGIN but they had not got clear margins on the Lletz as it is burnt around the edges and they needed to do more treatment to ensure all the pre cancerous cells were taken away.  This would be the cone.  She also said that in the biopsy they had done there was a "dot" of microscopic cancer cells but these had been taken away with the Lletz with clear margins.  Has anybody else ever come across this before? Going to see the Dr next week to discuss the next lot of treatment.  She also asked if I had children and I said not and I was not intending having any - wondering if she may suggest a hysterectomy if the cone does not work.  Sorry to ramble.  Frightened of the unknown.

Hiya I didn't want to read and run, iv not been through this but reading through what

youve said they've found a small "spot" of cancer amongst the other abnormal cells but it hasn't dug deeper in to your cervix as you've shown what

theyve called clear margins so there is no spread of it, still absolutely terrifying though! 

Treatment options I'm unsure of they may want to do another cone to be on the safe side or they

may offer you a hysterectomy, try and think positive I know it's hard and don't use google if you need any advice or

to just talk there are lovely ladies on here sorry I couldn't be much help xx

Thank you Nicola29 for replying to my message.  It is reassuring to speak to someone else who is going through similar problems at the moment.  When I spoke to the Doctor last week over the phone she said she wanted to see me on the 8th to discuss the cone as it was the lletz I had had before.  She also said that my result were going before the MDT on the morning of my appointment just to make sure the cone was the right treatment.  You may be right in that she may recommend a hysterectomy in the future as I am not going to have any children.

How are you feeling following your lletz?  Hope you are ok and not worrying too much.  Do let us know when you get your results.  Fingers crossed for you.


HELP! Hi again ladies.  Ok I am having a bit of panic here.  Had an appointment on the 8th May to go and discuss further treatment most likely the cone following results of lletz showing abnormal cells still present and a patch of cancerous cells which were removed fully.  I have just had a phone call from the hospital asking me to go to see another consultant tomorrow to discuss the next step!  They have cancelled the appt on the 8th.  The new consultant specialises in laparoscopy and minimal access surgery.  Can anyone shed any light on why things have changed suddenly?  Really worried now - another sleepless night. xx

Hello, I just wanted to pop in and give you a ((hug)) I've been there and those sleepless nights suck!! In my experience, I had Lletz and cone with Top Hat (don't ask me what it was though as it seemed the same as lletz) I also had Endocervical Brush which checks further up. Sadly my Endocervical brush was inconclusive as my cervix was Stenosed due to previous treatments so I wouldn't have been able to have sufficient monitoring. Hence the reason why I opted for Hysterectomy. Please try not to worry as the docs are great and will look after you. Sending you positive thoughts. luv Shaz x