Follow up appointment after LLETZ

Hi I have never posted on a forum before but I dont seem to be getting many answers from the 'experts' so advice from people who have experienced the same thing would be great!

I had an abnormal smear result and a week later received Loop Excision treatment at a colposcopy appointment. The consultant didnt seem to think that my lady area had any feeling and was rather rough without any compassion - left me in tears and very emotional.


neary 4 weeks later I have now received a letter to say 'an appointment has been made for you to be seen in the gynaecology department' but I have no idea what this appointment is for! Is it normal to have a follow up appointment to discuss the biopsy results (as I still dont know my results) ?? I am now worrying that something is wrong with the results and I am going to have to be treated again!


any advice on the procedure following a LLETZ/biopsy would be great as I was under the impression that I wouldnt be seen again until my 6month smear appointment.

Thank you ladies


hi emma, didnt want to read and run. im not 100% but it could be for a number of reasons dont just think the worst of cc. this is a possibility but also could be as they havent got a clear margine so may need to repeat the procedure. or try a different method but it might be done by someone else... or you can requests someone else if the person you had wasnt very gentle. 

im obviously not an expert but just wanted to give you some reasurance. they could also just want to explain futher what they are keeping an eye on and how many cells needed to be removed. im thinking though if it was bad news you would have been told by now. i dont think they would leave you for 4weeks. hope everything is ok. when is your appoinment? 

hope everything goes ok 

steph :)

Thanks for your reply Steph... just get all worked up dont you so had to ask around.

Have been to see my Dr today who has managed to track my results as the hospital didnt tell me anything... they cannot be certain that they got rid of all the damaged cells and so I have to go for a meeting with a few of them next week to discuss next steps... could be more LLETZ or maybe a cone biopsy! ... Can't wait haha!!

Thanks again Steph x