Leep Results. Can anyone answer

First, I would like to send my prayers and positive thoughts to all of you wonderful ladies. You are all an inspiration.

Now if anyone can help ease my mind that would be really appreciated. I am 44, 3 kids and married to my love for 23 years. I have anxiety (Take Lexapro) and all this medical jargon on the pathology report is not helping one bit.
In August I had an abnormal pap. So I went for a colposcopy on 8/24 - Results were HSIL Cin II and Cin III quadrants 12-3, 6-9 with endocervix gland involvement. Also the added bonus of HPV 16 & 18, also a few others.
I had a LEEP done on 10/10/16 and just got my results today: Ectocervix and ectocervix cone margins negative! (Yay)
The Dr seemed happy but when she showed me one line on the pathology report she said that because of it she was thinking about send me to an oncologist.
“Separate mucosa fragments positive for severe squamous dysplasia”

What does that mean?

Needless to say, I think I am not sure I really heard anything else after that except that she isn’t sending me to the oncologist instead I am going back for a pap in December and if it comes back abnormal then she will send me??? I am not sure if the sit and wait thing is really ok for me. My anxiety is already through the roof and actually have a stress rash.

Does anyone have any advice to settle my nerves?
Can anyone interpret all of this for me?
I know I can call her and ask questions, but we tend to skirt the corners because of my anxiety sometimes.

I am sorry if I babbled, just really worried
Thanks for listening

hi ya, I didn't want to read and run. I cant interpret what that line means nor do I want to speculate on what it could mean. I'm sure the Dr is just making sure that all abnormal cells have been removed and if a referral to gynae means they are more thorough in checking to get confirmation then this would seem like the best approach to me. Hopefully someone else who had a better understanding of this will comment. Best of luck hun.