I need somebody to talk to

A few days ago I had a LEEP done in the hospital with spinal anesthesia. The doctor told me beforehand That I didn't have cancer. And then after the procedure the nurse told me that I didn't have cancer. Now I've been reading on here there's another kind of cancer that's deep in the cervix and now I'm paranoid that I could have that. If there was a tumor inside my cervix would the doctor have been able to tell while she was cutting through it? With there been some resistance? If anybody is willing to talk to me maybe on facebook messenger or something I really need someone to talk to and feel really scared

Hi Angela,

it's normal to feel scared. I have had the worst week of my life.

i had a colposcopy with biopsies. The gynaecologist told me at my colposcopy everything looked fine only low grade cell changes. My biopsy came back with changes likely to represent invasive Malignancy. This was because my cells were in the glandular tissue deeper in the cervix which is hard to pick up.
Yesterday I had a general anaesthetic for cone biopsy. The oncologist remained positive that he would have gotten everything and I too am staying positive despite my situation.

I can see from your several posts how anxious you are. You really must stop googling things and listen to your doctors. They are thorough, you are in good hands. It's a difficult thing to go through but unfortunately we just have to ride the wave.

good luck, think positive and things will work out just fine.

Hi there I'm new to this site.  Im just reading to get some information.  Im worried and not sure if I even need to be. Maybe you can answer some questions based on your experience . Was there anything that was seen visually from your pap exams that caused them concern?

I have never had any abnormal pap smear results but today when I had my pelvic exam the nurse practitioner stated she saw a purple small mass on cervix and referred me to the women's clinic gynecologists. She was just a nurse practitioner in family medicine.  But if that mass she saw is something to worry ab

out you would think that my prior pap smears would of picked up abnormal cells.

I probably shouldn't be freaking out because in the past at my exams there was something spotted but they did nothing about it and results came back fine.

Thanks for listening

Hi Angela,

I had my normal smear test in August...came back as severe dyskarosis...had a leep procedure done on the 1st September... then a phone call a week ago on the Friday to say they needed me in asap for another biopsey they could not tell me over the phone what it was...anyway booked in for the monday to be told I have stage 1A1 cervical cancer...they said they think they got it all but needed to do a cone biopsey to check it hasn't gone further into the cervix..I am not waiting on my results... I've tried to do as much research as possible as I'm concerned it's gone deeper in with the symptoms I'm having..but from what ive read is it usually starts outside the cervix can anyone tell me if that is right or not.. and I just want to say you are all very brave anyone going through any of this..if you need a chat anytime I am here xx

Sorry I meant to say I am now waiting on my results x