Large clots and heavy bright red periods after LLETZ

Hi all, 

I had a LLETZ surgery done on the 4th of May. Everything went well. I had some white discharge right after the surgery which started to smell really bad a few days after so my GP put me on a 7 days course of antibiotics.

The smell went and then I started my periods. Nothing strange until the third evening when I started to have bad cramps followed by enormous blood clots and heavy bright bleeding which filled a pad an hour for a few hours. The bleeding slowed down the days following this until 6 days later when it did the sameness thing again, but the blood clots weren’t as big but more frequent. Again for a few hours at night. My periods should be finished by now but now I’ve been bleeding for 10 days. 

My colposcopy clinic hasn’t been very useful to me, the doctors not being available to talk to me. My GP told me last week that this could be a normal consequence of the surgery but to keep an eye on it, especially if it happened again. I’m waiting for him to call me back now. 

I’m not feeling feverish or anything, just tired and a little dizzy, but it could be as well from being anxious about this. 

I’m hoping to get some advice and reassurance on this forum.

Thanks girls!


Hi pacifistG,

I had a similar experience with really heavy bleeding and clots after lletz. I did end up ringing the gynae ward because I was so worried.  It settled down on its own. 
I found that I suffered with cramps and felt that it took a couple of weeks to get back to normal. 
You know your own body though, keep speaking up if you feel something is wrong, especially during these strange times.

I hope it feels better soon.

Big hugs. Xx


I had a similar experience. I went to a&e since bleeding was very heavy.  They applied silver nitrate and gave me Tranexamic acid tablets.  That helped the bleeding. My advice would be not to do any heavy lifting ( not even pots and pans in the kitchen) or exercise.  I think when we move alot the wound tend to open and that s why bleeding starts.  Also I used to wash down there alot and my doctor told me wash it only from outside gently. So if you started bleeding very heavily with clots, its better to get it checked   Hope this helps and you feel better soon xx


Thanks Rufus for your answer. It's reassuring to hear that others have experienced the same situation and that it has since settled down.

These strange times are definitely adding to the anxiety, especially now that my GP only takes telephone appointments...

Air hugs! x

Thanks ACE for your answer!

It didn't feel like enough blood to go to A&E and wait for hours in the waiting room while bleeding. My GP has told me that if it happens a third time then he would call the colposcopy clinic himself and book me an appointment to be seen in person.

The bleeding has calmed down since but I am still bleeding a bit constantly. I've been on a period for 2 weeks now! I hope it will settle soon.

Thanks for the advice!