Just had my lletz/loop treatment today for CIN3 - MY BLOG

Hello ladies, just to let you all know, for anyone who hasn't had their treatment to remove cells yet, what to expect, and importantly to put your mind at ease. 

I was stressing about the treatment so here goes...

It was initially identical to the colposcopy, had a chat with the gynaecologist who explained everything on my results so far, did the usual undressing and lying back with legs in stirrups. He was very caring and reassuring.

He inserted a metal speculum which feels different to the one used in the colposcopy and biopsy, only because its colder and firmer but still totally fine and no pain.  Then he had a good look and said the cells were visible and they needed to be removed. They were confined to one particular area and not spread across the cervix.

He then gave me a local anaesthetic in my cervix with a tiny needle. It was like a pinprick. If you compare it to the needle you have in your gums for a tooth filling, I'd say that the tooth filling needle was a 7 out of 10 pain and the one for your cervix was 1 at the very most and also its done quickly. 

After that, its the treatment itself where they put a sticker on your leg (something to do with the electricity) and you hear a little whizzing sound, like a purring fan, you smell a little burning smell, a faint burning smell, you may or may not feel a little warmth down there. I didn't. 


It took less than 1 minute to remove the cells. Mine were the size of a grape, as they remove the cells and a touch of surrounding tissue with them to be safe. They will ask you first if you'd like to see what they've removed. 


Then he puts a few bits of liquid on me down there, which seals the cervix and you may feel a tiny press on your lower pubic area, again very mild and easy to allow you mind to relax and wander. Speculum out. All done. Only a few spots of blood, like the very end of your period spotting. I popped a sanitary towel in. I've driven home. I'm fine. I just have very mild cramping.


Please do not worry. Its done and dusted in 10 minutes. Just stay still and think of wine haha xxx


Beyond this I am waiting a few weeks for the results of the cells removed. Confirming what CIN they were. I did ask him though, based on what he saw, is there anything to be worried about and more sinister than CIN 3 and he said absolutely not. Its definitely not cancer. 


Then 6 monthly smears. 


Stay calm ladies xxx

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Hope you heal well Dawn. It's so interesting to hear of others experiences. Thank you for sharing x

Thank you xxx


I know my post was very long but I hope it helps with anyone who is nervous xxx

Thank you for this. I am due a LLETZ next week. This is very reassuring - it's all come about after my first smear test which was daunting in itself let alone this! All quite overwhelming but this has helped me to know what to expect. Fingers crossed for a smooth experience.  I hope you recover well. X