Just had Colposcopy & LLETZ - My experience

Hi All

I'm very glad i have come across this forum - it's been very helpful to read through everyones experiences and questions/answers.

I had my colposcopy and LLETZ yesterday - it seems i am quite lucky in that from having my smear test (severe dyskaryosis) to having LLETZ it has only been a total of 3 weeks so that has really helped as i haven't really had too much time to sit and worry.

The colposcopy was totally fine but i did find the LLETZ a little uncomfortable.  I was also surprised at how many people were in with me when i had it done - there was a consultant, two nurses and one student nurse.  That might be the norm but it felt a bit "busy" from where i was lying (with my legs akimbo, lol).  Saying that the nurses were brilliant and kept me chatting during the whole thing which helped.

The doctor was a bit lax in telling me exactly what he was doing as he was doing it- at one point i started going a bit light headed and my legs started shaking and it was only when i told them i was feeling a bit funny that the doctor piped up to say he'd given me the local anaesthetic and it was causing a rush of adrenalin and so what i was feeling was normal.  I did feel it when he used the loop - i did let out an "ouch" but it wasn't because it hurt as such, it was more a reaction to feeling "something".  I wasn't expecting to be able to feel anything due to the anaesthetic so it was just a surprise.

All in all i have to say that it was not as bad as i had built it up in my mind and obviously if having this stops something more serious developing in the the future then i'll take the LLETZ any day.

As for after effects i think i'm doing ok - i had period type pains all day yesterday but they've gone today and been replaced by a sore lower back but it's bearable. I've had very little in the way of bleeding but after reading other peoples experiences i'll be expecting it in a few days.  Fingers crossed it stays away.

I was a little bit out of it during and after my treatment so i didn't really ask any questions about what happens next.  The consultant said he'd write to me within 4 weeks with the results of my LLETZ but i'm not entirely sure what the results show or what happens next.  If anyone can advise that would be great.

Big hugs to everyone Smile

Hi Blondie28, I'm pleased to hear that your LLETZ went ok. In answer to your question, the part of the cervix with the abnormal cells on that was removed during the LLETZ will be sent off to the lab to be analysed. What they are looking for is clear margins around the edge of the sample which will indicate whether all the cells were removed or not. They will also check whether the results tally up with your original diagnosis e.g CIN 3 and whether there are any cancerous cells present. Hope this helps. Good luck and I hope you recover quickly. X x I have had 2 LLETZ so feel free to PM me with any questions x

Hi NewbieJ2012

Thanks for your reply.

Do you know why some people know they have CIN2, CIN3 before they have treatment?  I have no idea - all my letter said was that i have severe dyskaryosis - is that the same as CIN3?  It's all very confusing.  My doctor didn't really say - he just did the colposcopy and then jumped straight into the LLETZ.

Its my own fault for not asking questions whilst i was actually at the hospital but i really was a bit out of it and not really thinking straight! xxx

Hi Blondie28,

Yes severe dyskaryosis is usually CIN 3, moderate is CIN2/3 I think. My smear showed moderate which is what my letter said when inviting me for colposcopy but then the biospy showed early stage 1A1 so although the smear can give an indication, it is the actual biopsy (i.e the tissue taken from the LLETZ) which is more accurate.

I was the same after my LLETZ, I just said 'see you in 6 months' as I didn't think anything of it really until I got home and started thinking a bit. At my first check up I was straight in there with the questions and I know I will be at my next check up next week.

Have you had any results yet?? x x

My first pap smear was fine, my second one at the age of 20 showed abnormal cells. I was terrified knowing the unknown. 2 weeks later I had a coloposcopy, a week after that I got my results (C1N3) cells and a week later I'm having surgery (LLETZ) I am now so greatful  Pap smears and have been telling my friends just how important they are. Thankyou all for your help! Feeling a tad more confident about tommorows surgery x 

Hi @blondie12

How did your procedure go? How long did you take to recover? Did it change your sex drive or anything like that?