loop experinces

can people share there loop (lletz) treatment experinces please


like did it hurt


i have to have it under local anaesthetic and im really scared that it will hurt


the colposcopy and biospie was bad enough


i feel like just not going 


sorry :(

Hiya i had mine 3 weeks ago and i was petrified as i also found the biopsies very painfull and my blood presure dropped so low in the chair so when i found out i had to have a lletz i put myself through hell with fear. I went to see my gp and she prescribed me diazepam and gave me enough to try out before my appointment so i was happy with what dose to take and how it made me feel. I also phoned the colposcopy clinic and spoke to the nurse that was performing my lletz and she said she would organise gas and air in my room, i phoned on the same day of the week as my appointment so i knew it would be the same staff on on the day of my appointment. I found it very reassuring to speak to the nurse who was going to be there as she was so kind on the phone. I didnt feel anything at all through my appointment even when they did the local injection, i was very spaced out so would advise if you do decide to take diazepam or gas and air to take someone with you or to write down any questions and answers you have as i had to double check with my husband about a few things that was said.

I definately wouldnt advise missing the appointment as its very important. 

I found the lletz a much better experiance than the biopsies.

hope this helps, goodluck and keep us updated how you get on :) x

Hi I had my lletz at my original colposcopy appt and I know everyone is different but It was absolutely fine, i didn't feel anything and to be honest the only uncomfortable bit was the period like pain I had for about 12 hours after, wish you well big hugs x

Don't miss your appointment. You honestly don't feel a great deal. It's bit cold when they put the injections in to numb the area. It smells a bit funny when they burn the skin. It's a strange feeling inside but not painful. You're in and out of the room in no time. The ladies I have are so lovely. I had a biopsy the other day and the lady held my hand which was incredibly reassuring as I wasn't expecting to have it and so was obviously quite tense. Just think you want to get rid of whatever is there. Good luck and don't worry. (I've said this before, it's easier said than done.)

Thank you for your replys ladIes , I got some diazepans from my doctor so hoping they will help xx


I had my first colposcopy today & lletz treatment. It was not painful at all just a bit uncomfortable/crampy in parts. It was no where near as bad as i had imagined! 

Good luck x

Thsnks grace glad it didnt hurt you


I had mine today' got on bed she put the clamp in and I just burst out crying , im the biggest idiot in the world, now I have to have it done under genral , feel so silly

Don't feel silly, you're absolutely not an idiot. Its not a nice situation to be in, the thought of it alone is worse than the physical thing. I cried too but they just got on with it. If you need the general to get this done then so be it, the important thing is that you are getting it done because it could be life-saving. Don't feel silly, its not like its as simple as going to get your nails done or something, its rather invasive and makes you feel extremely vulnerable. Do you have long to wait for your next appt? 

Thank you for your kind reply, I went back in today to give consent and then have to wait for a pre opp appointment , apparently the waiting list isn't that long so hopfully it will all be over with soon xxxx

Myvtreatment is 6th july so not to long wait thankfully xx