Just got diagnosed bit anxious

Hi there not sure if i am posting in the right place but here goes

On the 22nd of Dec 2016 i was diagnosed with cervical cancer i was told it was between a 1b and a 2. I went to pet ct scan on the 30th dec 16 in [Hospital name removed] and had a long wait for the results, i cant remember the date exactly but it was around the second of January i went to see my consultant and she said it had spread to the lymphoids (not sure if i spelt that right) and most probably the bowl to she said because i am 31 they are going to do radical radiotherapy monday to friday and chemotherapy along side it any way what i really want to know is has any one had this or simular and beat it as my consult said it is stage 4 and she is unsure if she can get rid of it all our not.

I could really do with some help if possible many thanks Donna

Hi. last December I was diagnosed with stage 4a, spread into the vagina and bladder wall as well as pelvic lymph node involvement .  

I had chemoradiation which is what you'll be having and my last 3 scans (every 3 months) have shown no evidence of disease .  

There are other stage 4 ladies on here too.

My tumour was just under 7cm and I remember asking one consultant something and her response was 'it is a big tumour . that made me think I was dome for. however, it doesn't matter what size it is as the treatment is targeted to the area needed.

It's a very scary time for you but just roll with it. once your treatment starts you will begin to feel like you have some control over things and you will start feeling better.

Any questions, post away, there's an array of wonderful ladies on here ready to help you through

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I no how you feel even  thou  im not stage  4 im stage 3 b it put pressure on my kidneys  so i now have 2 kidney drains I'm so  depressed i am getting  to the  stage where  i am  thinking  can i beat this i am  glad  I'm  not the  only one struggling plz try and stay strong im sure we can  both beat this thinking  of you xxxx

Hi donna

 sorry to hear about your diagnosis but please take comfort in knowing you now have all of us to support you through this. 

Regardless of the stage it is the same treatment so do not focus on what stage you are. The treatment is not as bad as you are imagining right now. We all have had our issues at some point but for the most part you will be able to do this. 

Stay away from Google as it will do no good as most of the info is outdated or false. 

Ask any questions on here as we are all here to help one another. 

Dont be afraid to ask for help from friend and family. get over trying to be strong when you are not. Ask for meds if you need to sleep as a well rested body can stay more positive. You will get through this!!!!

Hi donna 

I got diagnosed last Wednesday with stage 1A. The doctor told me I have a tiny 1.44mm that is cancer and it has to be removed. But people are telling me I don't have cancer as I'm not having chemo and I haven't got a official letter. Which is really making me feel like I shouldn't be here. Sorry for jumping on ur post. I have shocked everyone by not reacting like I usually do but now people are making me out to be a lier. 

You do not need a letter to 'prove' yourself. The women calling you a liar should be ashamed of themselves. Also, many, many women with cervical cancer do not get chemo or radiation. 

Thank you too all if you that replied i thought i would get emailed when i got a reply it was only when i got email to say someone pm me i came in here anr found all these posts lol 


I still feel very alone lost even like i am the only person in the world going through this even though i know i am not i dont know what to do with my self half the time start my treatment on Thursday am absolutely killing my self with fear.

We're all here for you Dande. Anytime.

Big hugs.x x

Hello Again,

starting treatment is scary but it is also a big weight lifted off your shoulders. Once you get sorted with the way your clinic is and you start recognizing familiar nurses you feel at ease.

Then you feel like you are finally killing the cancer. You will have new worries but that is all part of this whole process.

When you look back you will wonder why you were so scared. Keep as positive as you can and rest whenever you get the chance. Good luck


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Be lucky :-)

Thank you too all of you for replying to my post reading all your comments made me cry but in a good way i think i may have got my head around now (if that is possible lol) thank you to tivoli i have tried to subscribe but it is not working at the moment I'll keep trying though. Xx