Just diagonsed with CIN 2

Hi, I am new here. But really need some advice or just someone to talk to, who is experiencing the same. 

I had a smear Nov 12 - abnormal changes & high risk HPV

Colposcopy & 4 biopsys done 10/12/12 - got results 3 weeks later (New Years Eve 2012)

CIN 2 - been booked straight in for LLETZ 30th Jan 13


This is my 1st ever smear. I am 30 in under 2 weeks. I had smears done before, as I have had PID & bad health since I was 16. But they refused these smears because of my age. 

Me & my partner have been complaining for over 2 years of bleeding & pain with sex. Bloating for days. Loss of appetite. Very fatigue etc etc & they just fob me off (it's a long story but the docs are not in my fav books - as they have let me down on many occasions). 

I have a rubbish immune system. I am Folate deficient. Don't eat fruit, veg, fish, meat, drink milk etc etc. I have never had a great diet due to my depression & health. 

I just got a letter saying CIN 2 & yes like everyone else. Also I was raped at the age of 6, I hear that early sexual intercourse is a high risk factor too. I seem to tick all the high risk boxes.


Anyone else going through this. I have an amazing fiancee who is so supportive but need someone who has experienced it to talk to.


Thank you loads Karen xxx

* And yes like everyone else I am worried * 


Sorry missing bits out


I had CIN3 and it is so easy to start thinking what you have done "wrong". However the one thing I have learnt is that cervical issues can effect anyone and everyone. I eat well, exercise, have been with my partner for 7 years and have had only a few other partners - and I got ended up with cin3. So please please dont blame yourself. I am really sorry to hear what  happened when you were young, but you did go for your smear and you are now on the way to being treated. 

The LLETZ is not bad at all - if you want any details just let me know.

CIN2/3 does not normally give any symptoms so its worth going on to your doctors to get them to look into this


Good luck




Hello, thanks for replying to me :)


I am worried about the LLETZ, as I hate needles & they won't knock me out. As I would have to leave it another month & they said it's very urgent. 

I have no kids, already need IVF as have problems. Don't want this to rob me of my last little chance.




I dont have children either but I have been reassured by two different consultants that one LLETZ should not weaken your cervix to much. 

I was really worried about the LLETZ but honestly it was better than the biopsy as you cant feel anything! 

The needle pinches a little but you cant see anything. They will then use the solution to show up the cells again. They turn on a machine (its a little noisy) and place a plastic pad on your leg. You can hardly feel them doing the procedure. By the time you've felt it a little its over and they are telling you to relax Smile

Hi Karen,

I second what hula has said - this is in NO WAY your fault. HPV is really common and in a way it's just like catching a cold sore or the verucca virus (I think these things may acually come from a certain strain of HPV!) and you wouldn't have done anything wrong to get one of those :) x x x

Also - I hate needles, injections etc, I'm terrible. In fact going to the doctors generally I panic but the nurses at the colposcopy are lovely and very gentle and reassuring (and well seasoned in dealing with terrified women!) You won't see any needles when they use the anaesthetic (my mum said they used a gel on me, although I'm not sure if this was the case - my tip is to dig your fingernails into your hands as hard as you can do you distract yourself, not particualrly pleasant but it works lol). Again hula is right - the actual LLETZ itself is over SO quickly it's unbelievable. And don't be scared if the plastic thing they put on your leg gets warm - that's normal - as I discovered when I went 'er... it's getting kind of warm on my leg...I'm starting to freak out'.

I would recommend taking someone with you to hold your hand - a nurse can do this but someone you know can help you afterwards too, I felt a bit spaced out and emotional (I had a little cry in the waiting room when I was having a cup of tea after mine, never mind the many many cries I had BEFORE the procedure - I must have been dehydrated for a whole week!).

Fingers crossed for you, I hope it all goes well - let us know how you get on :) x x x

Hi...thank you both for your comments. Means a lot to me. I have just spent the last 14 years battling my health & this has just put more pressure on me.


I hope I will be ok....just have to wait & see.


I just can't be dealing with more bad news....all my life has been bad news....fed up.


Thanks again.....nice to have others out there xxx