CIN2 :(

So I had my first ever smear may this year, and my results came back positive for HPV and high grade dyskaryosis, had a Colpscopy which came back as CIN2 and awaiting lletz treatment in 2 weeks time! Was just wondering if anyone else has been experiencing the same things? Sex feels different and uncomfortable (no bleeding) I have no energy what so ever and have gained weight - not sure if this all psycological but I just feel like total crap and want this all to be over with!! :( 

Hey lovely, 

I had similar results from my smear last week & have just had colposcopy & lletz today. I too have experienced some discomfort with sex for the last year or so but gyny ruled out everything last year of what could be causing it (I had surgery & everything but im still paranoid they missed something as I've never had a normal smear) I have also felt really tired & gained weight but my gp has put that down to my job & eating patterns so whether that's linked to all this I'm unsure at the moment as they haven't actually given me a grade until I get my results as this was my second abnormal smear in two years so they just done the lletz at colposcopy. 

Today was my first lletz & I didnt feel a thing apart from the needle that stung ever so slightly. The adrenaline was a weird sensation but fine, I've read so many horror stories about the smell afterwards but I didn't really smell much & it was over & done with sooo quickly. Sorry this isn't much help but I know how scary it is to wait to have it done.

Thinking of you, I'm always here if you wanna pm me for a chat or to vent! Xx

Hey, Ive just had my LLETZ results back today, with CIN2&3. I didnt know the grading until today so didn't know what I was dealing with.

I did have bleeding after sex and slight discomfort and I have gained weight but I dont think that is related - maybe stress eating haha. 

I hope youre okay. Don't worry about the lletz, it isnt bad at all and Im sure that will get rid of the bad cells for you :) x