Just diagonsed with CIN 2

Hi, I am new here. But really need some advice or just someone to talk to, who is experiencing the same. 

I had a smear Nov 12 - abnormal changes & high risk HPV

Colposcopy & 4 biopsys done 10/12/12 - got results 3 weeks later (New Years Eve 2012)

CIN 2 - been booked straight in for LLETZ 30th Jan 13


This is my 1st ever smear. I am 30 in under 2 weeks. I had smears done before, as I have had PID & bad health since I was 16. But they refused these smears because of my age. 

Me & my partner have been complaining for over 2 years of bleeding & pain with sex. Bloating for days. Loss of appetite. Very fatigue etc etc & they just fob me off (it's a long story but the docs are not in my fav books - as they have let me down on many occasions). 

I have a rubbish immune system. I am Folate deficient. Don't eat fruit, veg, fish, meat, drink milk etc etc. I have never had a great diet due to my depression & health. 

I just got a letter saying CIN 2 & yes like everyone else. Also I was raped at the age of 6, I hear that early sexual intercourse is a high risk factor too. I seem to tick all the high risk boxes.


Anyone else going through this. I have an amazing fiancee who is so supportive but need someone who has experienced it to talk to.


Thank you loads Karen xxx

Hi sorry to hear ur having a rough time. 

I was diagnosed with severe dyskaryosis 4 weeks ago and had my lletz 12 days ago. it was uncomfortable and bit embarrassing but no where near as bad as igoth ought, 

u will be scared and worried its only natural but u will be ok :0) 

this forum is great an there are lots of ladies here with Ltd of advice and experience in this field.