cin 3 and now cin 2

morning all i am new here but thought id ask for your experiences with cin 1 2 and 3. I am 25 and had my first smear in may 5 days before my 25th birthday. Never heard of cin or hpv before then. Got my results back and set myself into total panic. Trying to find answers on google was in fact not the answer. Chewed myself up that i had cancer and was going to die. So anyway i went in fort colposcopy in june, had laser there and then LLETZ procedure. Wasnt too pleasant but not as bad as you expect. They suspected cin 3 and results finally came back showing clear margins cin 3. But all the letter said was cin 3 removed discharged till 6 months smear basically . So time comes around after a rather unpleasant infection down there due to the lletz. felt like i was constantly wetting myself. since the lletz ive had serious cramping pains after sex seen the doc and went for ultrasound (all clear) turning into hyperchondriac. LOL . December second smear, moderate dyskaryosis and HPV positive. Yesterday i went in for colposcopy, she kept hinting in a roundabout way that if i wanted babies to do it now cause she thought it was definately cin 2 and would therefore need lletz again. Ive read that if its recurring cin its probably best to have a hysterectomy in the long run. My injection runs out this thursday and she asked if it would be a bad thing if i did get pregnant kind of felt like she was telling me this could be my only chance she said my cervix is tiny and she was sorry, cause she really did not want to have to laser me again with me not having kids yet. She also said i have hpv strain 16 which causes cancer but said they can do nothing about the hpv. I am in totally limbo now as  to what to do.i wanted kids eventually in life but its hard when something like this can dictate when it happens. Love to you all x


Hi there,

I really feel for you, it's a big enough shock and enought to deal with when you find out the CIN has recurred so quickly, let alone the worries you now have about whether you should think about trying for a baby. I had LLETZ for CIN 2 and then at my six months post-LLETZ smear the abnormalies were back. They are still only CIN 1 and because I'm HPV negative they seem happy to leave me. This is scary for me because there is a small percentage of CCs that are not related to HPV and they seem obsessed with HPV nowadays, and my recurrent CIN makes me 'at risk'. But I digress ...

I think it's really important you get some direct answers at this point. Can you ring the clinic and speak to a doctor or colposcopy nurse, or ask if you can have an appointment? I know LLETZ makes the cervix shorter but I thought they can put stitches in the cervix to help women who've had LLETZ. So I think this would be good to find out. You've mentioned hysterectomy, again you could ask whether this is what they would recommend if the CIN recurs again? If you're able to get straight answers, this may then help with any decision you make regarding trying for a baby. Please don't be afraid to ask for clarity, this is your health and also you have big decisions to make.

I wish you well, take care x