Just diagnosed 3c

Hello everyone,

I am new here… and not sure if I’m doing this right but I just needed to vent and it’s hard to talk to anybody else because I know they will freak out.

I’m Feeling really scared and overwhelmed. :cry:
After a month and a half of stress waiting for pap results, biopsy, pet, MRI I finally have my diagnosis 3c.
My last pap was 5 years ago but the last 3 years I have had 2 babies (the last one 5 months ago)
I have never had more people looking or touching my cervix in my life then I have in the last 3 years…
The tumor is 6cm, I was clinically diagnosed 2b but it has spread to pelvic lymph nodes.
I don’t understand how nobody noticed this??
Feeling so let down by the system, will never trust medical professionals again.
Scared that I’m not going to see my babies grow up.
Please Feel free to post Any positive 3c stories :heart:

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Hi there, sorry to hear you are in this position. Have they told you what kind of tumour it is? It’s possible you have an adenocarcinoma which grow high up in the cervix and can easily get missed. It may well be nobody’s fault. It’s important not to waste your energy on that just now…you can revisit it and find out more after your treatment. Right now it’s about getting cured.

You are curable! I was cured from a similar position. Spread into 5 lymph nodes and a tumour the size of a grapefruit. I know I’ve posted this a number of times but as you are new I will say it again. I’ve now survived 26 years.

Good luck,



Thank you for your reply @Petesdragon,
You have given me some hope and are inspiring :pray:t2::two_hearts:
It’s a squamous cell I think… growing on outside.
Time to focus my mind on getting better


Yeah, there’s plenty of time to see what went wrong. Get well first. There’s quite enough to deal with for now but as you will see, the time will fly by. You will feel loads better once treatment starts. The very best of luck!


Hi there,

I was diagnosed with 3C2 last year - a 6cm tumour with it in my pelvic and para aortic lymph nodes as well. From the start i was told i would be treated to cure. I finished treatment at the end of January - i had 25 external radio, 4 chemos, 4 brachy.

I wont lie, i didnt find the treatment easy especially the last couple of weeks when i got blood clots and had a very bad stomach but everyone is different. Some women manage to work during their treatment.

Now for the good news, i got the results of my 3 month MRI last week and there is no trace of the tumour and my lymph nodes have shrunk to a normal size. I wont be seen by Oncologist until September unless I have any further symptoms.

I plan on going back to work in a couple of weeks when my medical certificate runs out. I hope to sort out my hrt and stuff before I go back.

Please dont be googling things, stats are so out of date and everyone is different. This forum has been a great source of information for me.

Please message me if you have any questions

Wishing you all the best
Emma x


Hi i was excatly where you are this time last year with a 3month old baby.stage 3c1.i to had the same feelings you are going through as i had been to the hospital during my pregnacey with symptoms and each time it was missed.my tumour was 7cm by the time i had pet and mri scan done.i finished treatment end of august last year and had my 3month checkup december all clear.i was also back for checkup in febuary where i asked the questions that i needed the answers to.in my case i had high grade changes and hpv in 2021 that should have been treated with a letz treatment but unfortunatley the hospital never logged my results.as everyone has said i would concentrate on this part first and ask your questions later down the line.goodluck xx

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Hi Emma :blush:

Thank you for you message.
I’m sorry you had a tough time with treatment,
But so glad your on the mend now :blush:
I’m very nervous about treatment, I know I’ve got a big unknown journey ahead of me :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Such amazing news with your scan :pray:t2::raised_hands:t3:
So happy for you!!
Must feel good to be able to get back into work, and some normality.
I’m so glad I found this page, reading the posts and seeing the support everyone gives each other is heart warming :heart:

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Hi @Buttercup1 :blush:

I’m sorry you had to go through that with your new baby, it’s the last thing you want to be dealing with when you have a little life to care for.

Thinking back I had symptoms during pregnancy that are just brushed off as being pregnant, like back and hip pain and slight bleeding after sex.

I’m so happy for you that you’re in the clear​:pray:t2::two_hearts:
Gives me hope, it’s hard to not let your mind wonder sometimes.
When I first found out I couldn’t look at my boys without tearing up :pleading_face:

was treatment hard for you with a new baby?
Did you change your diet or lifestyle?

Amy xx

Hello! I am in a similar situation. Was just diagnosed in March, 6 weeks postpartum with SCC 1B2… just had my radical hysterectomy 2 weeks ago and I am updated to 3C1 after finding a small tumor in 1 lymph node. :cry: I am so sad that I now have to go through chemo/rads too, and will have to stop breastfeeding my baby. I am so worried too about him growing up without me. I have not met with my radiation or chemotherapy oncology team yet. Just trying my best to focus on recovering from the surgery. This has been the scariest, most difficult thing to go through.

I hope you can find peace and freedom from the anxiety while you are waiting, and bravery to get you through treatment.


I’m so sorry you have to go through it all again :broken_heart:
You should be enjoying the new baby stage instead of this, Such an awful disease :frowning:
I’m glad they found the lymph nodes before it got any further.

It’s such a scary time, I’m not coping very well with my emotions I have anxiety all the time hoping the worst won’t happen and and just constantly worried about every pain thinking it’s spreading somewhere else!
It’s become so consuming :cry:
How long until you can start your treatment?
I’m still waiting for date but it’s suppose to be in the next 2 weeks.

Amy x

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I start treatment in 2-4weeks. Waiting to meet with the radiation team and chemo team. I imagine that I need to have a PET scan done; the CT scan done prior to my surgery did not show the spread to the lymph node.

I am hoping to pump and dump and return to breastfeeding after treatment is done, but also worried that my baby will not want to get back to it after 6-7 weeks of bottles. :frowning:

@ahh80 did they do a Pet after surgery to see the lymph node?
Or did they see it in surgery?

As long as your baby is fed and healthy that’s all that matters whether it’s boob or bottle :yellow_heart:

Yes, very true. I have to remind myself that I am doing what I can to survive for my new baby long term, and breastfeeding is only short term, anyway.

I have not had a PET scan; CT only prior to surgery and they only saw the tumor in the cervix at that time. Lymph node was found during surgical pathology report.

@ahh80 Yep and your little one would have gotten all of that amazing colostrum already.
Good luck with your scan :pray:t2:
lets get this bastard of a thing out of our bodies :wastebasket: xx

Hi Akj, I was diagnosed as 3C1 and finished treatment just over a year ago. I know it’s early days but so far apart from a couple of very minor issues I’m feeling very good and have had the all clear so far. This is very treatable and the best advice I can offer is to help yourself as much as you can with things like diet, exercise and water intake etc. You can get through this and you will feel so much better when your treatment starts. Good luck and get it blasted! xxx


I am almost done my treatment for 3C1. It can be mental rollercoaster sometimes. The other day though, my oncologist told me that 95% of the time the tumour responds very well to treatment and no further surgery or treatment is needed. Same with the lymph nodes. And she always makes sure to tell me it’s a curative treatment. She says worst case if anything is left they can get it with surgery. The radiation ladies always tell me it’s very effective and curable even at our stage as well. I also used to have a lot of bleeding and pain, and it’s gone away so it seems like treatment is working. Us ladies are always here on Jo’s if you need to talk :heart:


I managed treatment very well.the only part i found difficult was when treatment was over.the first 3months i was extremly tired and spent a lot of days just laying on the sofa.my diet did change juring treatment some foods just didnt appeal to me anymore such as red meat.since treatment i try to eat healthy as best i can!

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Hi @Snowbird,

Thank y oh for the message and advice :two_hearts:
So happy for you that you are in the clear :raised_hands:t3:
What issues did you have with treatment/post?
I’m a little nervous.
I’m meeting the treatment team on Tuesday morning x

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Thanks for your positive message @Maxpower :two_hearts:
Hope you’re feeling ok during your treatment.

That’s re-assuring to hear from your doctor :blush:
I haven’t met my treatment team yet!
I hope they are confident in this treatment :pray:t2:
I’m in Australia, where are you located? X

Hi Akj… I only mean that my bowels can be a bit “funky” now and again :grin: but it’s nothing major.
The treatment is absolutely do-able and you will be fine. The medical team are lovely and will help you in any way they can. If you find you are having some side effects during treatment, they will be able to tweak your medication xxx

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