Hello everyone
I got diagnosed with c.c last tue (24/11) , After having an abnormal smear test & then had a colposcopy & she decided to give me a loop cone biopsy that same day ,I got called back 2 weeks later & was told I had cc stage 1 1a2 with no clear margin from the biopsy .I have just walked in today from my MRI scan , I’m nervously waiting for the results and feel like I’m on a emotional roller coaster , last tue , wed & thur I was really positive but since then I can’t help but think my stages might change & the cancer could have spread to other places and my lymphs , I’m 34 and have 2 baby’s age 5&3 , my mum found this web site and it’s been a god send after I spent the first 2 weeks ( initial letter ) googling my life away , I’m preparing for the worst and I’m normally a positive person and I’m sure I will be but I just need someone who has been through the same & knows how I feel to give me advice & tell me it will get better … Thank you Sally xxx



i am a 1b1 lady and was diagnosed in June this year.  My advice is to try and keep positive as the cc has been caught really early.  At all times during my treatment my consultant reassured me he was looking at a cure.  5 months later and I have recovered from TAH and am living life to the full.  I have even returned to netball playing with my 15 year old daughter.

Keep positive, be strong and good luck.  xx

Hi Sally. Sorry to hear your news but you've definitely come to the right place for support and positivity. I'm a 1a2 adenocarcinoma girl who is 12 days post radical hysterectomy. This site has been a godsend and I couldn't have coped without some of these wonderful ladies. I found the waiting for results and treatment plan the worst but remember one step at a time. Feel free to ask any questions and remember your CNS is there to support you too. Sending you lots of hugs and positive thoughts.

Helen xxxx


Hi Sally :-)

Welcome to the club! Sorry to hear about your diagnosis but you are now quite definitely in the right place. Keep well away from Google from now on! Four years ago I was a 2b, I have had all the treatments and have been cancer free ever since. I just want to reassure you that your staging is very unlikely to change, it is extremely unlikely to have spread to your lymph, or beyond. You are very, very curable and it will get better.


Be lucky :-)

morning , 

thank you all for taking time out to reply , I don't feel like I'm so alone now and I'm staying well away from google , I will keep u posted when I have my results and thanks once again for making me feel like I can do this xxxxxx 

Hi, I have advanced CC and have just finished my treatment (7 sessions of chemo, 28 sessions of radiotherapy & 3 sessions of bracatherpy), I won't lie and tell you that it has been easy as it hasn't but the last scan before my bracatherpy showed that my cancer has gone from being the size of a melon to the size of a pea so this shows the treatment works!

It is normal to feel positive one moment then scared the next you will be like this for a while, I was. My cancer had begun to grow in my kidney tubes and my lymph nodes and now there is no sign in these places so if it has gone walkies don't worry.

It's hard to stay positive it really is but your friends family and children will help you get through this xx