Is this normal after biopsy?

Hi ladies, finally had my colposcopy yesterday after an urgent referral from GP (in december!!) the consultant took a smear (which is almost due) and took a biopsy. Had period type pains for a few hours after but today am suffering with lower back ache and feeling really tired and weepy. Im also having thick brown lumpy discharge which has no smell, is this normal?

The leaflet i had from the hospital just mentioned slight bleeding for up to a week and to avoid sex etc, hope you’re all doing ok and thanks for any replies in advance :slight_smile:

hi I had my colposcopy and a biopsy was taken on Thursday, I'm still having cramp and have the discharge you have reported, I also feel very drained and emotional. I'm assuming this is normal but I have no idea, hope you are ok 

Thank you for the reply, sorry to hear you're feeling like me, but glad to hear im not the only one if that makes sense! Hope you're feeling well soon, good luck with your results :-) 

Hello, yes I had this too - the bleeding and brown stuff stopped after a week and a half for me - the lumpy discharge is from the stuff they use to stop the bleeding after the biopsy and it comes out in lumps. I felt weepy too but I think it was from the emotional side of worrying about it all.

hope it all clears soon for you x


Its my 4th day after colposcopy and biopsy and I am having that lumpy brown discharge as well. I was bleeding bright red, like 4-5 drops yesterday and I was really panicked. It seemed to stop today but now I have this discharge. Is this normal? Should I ring my doctor?

Brown discharge and light bleeding is normal - the brown discharge is from the stuff they use to stop the bleeding from the biopsy x 

Thank you so much, it seems to have calmed down a bit today and im feeling a little better, but my back is still aching, id give anything for a nice hot bath but have been advised to wait for 10 days :-/ oh well, suppose i'll enjoy it even more after the wait! Hope you're all doing well, cant believe how helpful and supportive this site is xx