Blood 4days after biopsy


I know after having a biopsy to expect brownish discharge. But blood? I was wondering if I should be worried or if it’s totally normal? I had my first coloscopy on monday (they took 2 biopsys). I took 2 days off work and went back in lastnight do you think that could of caused it? I’m a cleaner.

I have the coil in and don’t get periods x

I’m just worried x


I had a small amount of blood after biopsies. It was enough for me to wear a pad for a couple of days - I asked the doctor and he didn't seemed worried! I was completely back to normal after about 6 or 7 days.

If it seems like a lot of blood or if you are worried just ring the colposcopy clinic or your GP. They should be able to tell you if it's normal :)

Charlene xx

Hiya Charlene 

Thank you you've put my mind at ease :) xxx

Hey sweetie - I had my biopsy on a Monday too & had cramping & weird soreness & icky for a few days & then all the sudden a period amount of bleeding for several days. I'm finally back to normal :) hope you are soon too!! 


Thank you Charlene and traveler xxxx it appears to have stopped x can't believe I didn't pay much attention to down there until a few weeks ago xxx

Much love

Katie x


Hi Katie

I know what you mean! I seem to know more about my cervix than I ever thought I would haha! It's definitely interesting to say the least!

Glad the bleeding has stopped - it's always nice when it's over. There isn't that constant reminder then!

Charlene xx