Advice plz scared

Hi looking for some advice I had biopsy taken on Friday and had a brown gritty discharge for a few days am just wondering is it normal to start bleeding a little bit a few days later my smear ce back cin 3 and the nurse said it looked suspicious cc just have to wait for results I asked the nurse would she phone me when my results our back as she has rushed them she said so I phoned hospital and she is off work till tomorrow sorry for the long post just need a bit of advice and has this happen to anybody else thank you 

I'm certainly no expert but didn't want to read and run! Brown gritty discharge is certainly to be expected. Bleeding a few days later may suggest that it hasn't healed as well as it should but I really don't think it's an indication of anything scary. One thing's for sure, you deserve to have your mind put at rest, so can you see your GP with your concerns? Xx

Thank you for your reply I phoned hospital and she said just to keep an eye on it might be the start of an infection and to phone them back if it starts to smell :( xx