Bleeding after biopsy

Hi everyone ?

Just looking for some advice or reassurance that this could be some what normal. I had my colposcopy 11 days ago and had a biopsy taken. I bled a lot after and had a 1 and half hour drive home for the hospital and by the time we got back I'd leaked all over my trousers, it was so heavy. Anyway, it calmed down over the next few days and pretty much stopped around a week later. However, I had a bleed on Friday evening and then a little on Saturday morning. Nothing for the rest of the day. Then this morning it's started again. Seems to be a mixture of brown and red blood so I'm thinking it's stopping and starting again with it being old and new blood ? 

Everything I've been told and have read online says it shouldn't last more than 3-5 days sp this is worrying me. It's not heavy but it's still there....

Colposcopist was nice, tried her very best to reassure me and said I 100% don't have cancer. I actually found this quite an odd thing for her to say considering she'd just taken a biopsy from me, and  she said I have changes and I'm sure she said non hpv changes. So what on earth that means is anyones guess. I have nabothian cysts which are fine she said and my cervix looks red because I'm breastfeeding my little 18 week old which has put me in a menopausal state.

I was in such a state over just being there that I couldn't ask the questions I needed to and by the time I'd got dressed again I was being ushered out the door by the nurse as they were already running 20 minutes behind there schedule.

Feeling scared and alone at the moment. Lost in my worries and thoughts of what will be.


Sorry for waffling on but needed to be able to get it out 


Thanks for reading xx


Hello Kelly11

First of all big hugs!! I think everyone on here has been there with feeling confused and uncertain so you sound pretty mormal to me; I found it useful to write down any questions I had before my appointments in the end to avoid the worry of forgetting to ask things after my first appointment. You didn't say whether your biopsy was a punch biopsy or a lletz but I would definitely ask your colposcopy team or GP if your physical symptoms are normal just to give yourself peace of mind or as it is a Sunday today you could try calling 111 to talk to a nurse or MacMillan who have a nurse helpline from 8am to 8pm seven days a week and would be able to advise you. I am not medically qualified and have not had a punch biopsy but I think some bleeding is normal - other people on here may be able to advise but it's always better to ask a medical professional. Colposcopists are experts in their field and can sometimes tell if it is cancer with the naked eye so I would see the information your colposcopist gave you as positive news but of course until you have the biopsy results you won't have all the facts but remember the screening progtamme is designed to find and treat abnormal cells before they have a chance to grow into something more sinister so it sounds as if your chances are good. You could try writing down your questions before contacting your medical team tomorrow. In terms of emotional support I can recommend the Jo"s helpline and this forum. There is also an Ask the expert section but you may have to wait a few days for a reply and they won't be as familiar with your individual case as your own medical team. It is a bit of an emotional rollercoaster so be kind to yourself and give yourself a pat on the back for looking after your health. I hope this helps!!!

Take care A x

Hi 55! 

Thanks for being so kind, it really is an emotional rollercoaster! I will give my doctor a ring tomorrow and see what they say. Just really want to get through this in one piece if at all possible. Thanks for all the advice too, I shall definitely write down my questions next time before an appointment.

It was a punch biopsy that I had, I had one a few years ago but cannot remember what it was like after and this time may be different with me breastfeeding. The colposcopist seemed to think it can have a impact on your cervix with it putting you in a sort if menopausal state, who knew!? 

Fingers crossed all will be well!


Thanks again xx

Hi Kelly,

There could be a chance that you have developed a small infection from the biopsy. This could be stopping it from healing fully. The good news is that if it is an infection, a course of antibiotics should sort it out. Time to contact your Doc I think. 
x Maria

Hi Kelly,

I hope all is well and that you're getting the answers you need to your questions. I just want to give my input in case it helps :)

I had my colposcopy and biopsy on 7 Oct 2020, I bled a little afterwards and it stopped after three days. Honestly, by the time it stopped it had been spotting rather than bleeding. Anyway, a day later the bleeding came back with a vengeance. I woke up twice at night having soaked through my pantyliner (on both occasions) and through my underwear. I did not have pads as I use the cup. Anyway, I spoke to my gynae the next morning and she believed it was my period but I knew it wasn't. The consistency and timing were wrong.

I was referred to another gynae since my usual one was away and I went in for a check and it was confirmed the bleeding was coming from the excision cite so he packed it by stuffing bandages up there. REALLYZ uncomfortable I tell you :/ After 2 days the bandages were removed but the bleeding continued so I was booked back into hospital that day and the wound was cauterised. No bleeding since.

I'm hoping my situation sheds some light and I really hope it doesn't scare you cause I was told it doesn't happen often. All the best to you :)

How did you get on? I hope all was okay lovely ?