Post Colposcopy Bleeding

Hi ladies,

I had my first colposcopy on Wednesday, where they took a punch biopsy (quite frankly, I felt like an idiot becuase I was so panicy and wanted to cry... so Im terrified of any further treatment!!).  Ive been  bleeding on and off ever since.  Some of its dark, some of its quite fresh and bright.

I'm worried now as its been almost a week on Wednesday, and it hasn't stopped yet.

Is this normal do you think?  I know it depends on the person.. Im worried I may have an infection already!  I haven't touched my boyfriend since the procedure, so its nothing sex related. 


Thank you in advance for any advice..

Z x

Hey I had no bleeding after my punch biopsies last year but this year I had bleeding for 9 days and it ranged from dark brown to red and I was quite worried as I was told it would only be for 5 days. I think if you have a bad smell with the blood then that is a sign of an infection. Please try not to worry and hopefully it will calm down soon xx

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Hi if there is no smell with the discharge then it's fine . I had a few days of bleeding but come on my period a short while after I think it may have brought it forward a bit . But if in doubt call your docs hun x

Theres no smell at all really.  I thought today it would have stopped, no blood since yesterday.

Now Ive just been to the toilet and a load fell out, all bright and fresh, like it does on my period sometimes.  Its not a GREAT amount, and its not constant.. it happens in spits and starts.  I called the nurse who said if Im worried to go to A+E.

I may be a complete head in sand person when it comes to this, but thats the LAST place I want to go.  Currently sat at my desk fighting back tears of worry!  I keep telling myself its not even been a week yet, and Im sure its fine, Im sure its fine.  I dont think I can have another doctor fiddle around with me down there so soon after the first time.