After having my colposcopy and biopsy, as described by the lively colposcopist I did bleed and there was brown discharge from the iodine dyes.... it's 10 days layer and I'm still bleeding! It's not more than what I would normally lose having a period it's just so on and off. I can use a sanitary towel for a few hours and nothing it's clean.. No blood. But as soon as I remove it I bleed! I did go back to work the day after my biopsy which does involve being on my feet for long hours, and I had only finished my period the day priopr to my appointment. Do I need to worry? 

Any help advice or own experience would be great! Trying not to worry but it's like telling water to not be wet xx

Hi, perhaps it would be worth a call the colposcopy clinic and ask if it's normal to still be bleeding, I didn't have biopsies i had a lletz so I'm not sure to be honest, hopefully someone else will be along to help soon x