Bleeding after colposcopy days later

Hi there. I had a colposcopy back in February, and apart from a bit of dodgy coloured discharge and light spotting and pains, i was ok.
The results came back as "not enough information could be gained for biopsies, need to repeat)!
So, Monday i had the repeated biopsies. Monday evening, i had the dodgy coloured discharge, tiniest bit of spotting, no pain… Tuesday, again, dodgy coloured discharge and nothing else.
Today ive started bleeding like a period. I no, im due on sunday, and i no from last time that the colposcopy can mess your periods around, but im panicking a little.
Im in the middle of moving house, and because i felt fine, ive been lifting boxes up and down stairs, moving furniture etc. The nurse said you can resume normal life (apart from the obvious stuff… swimming, sex etc) if i felt fine.
Im scared now ive done something i shouldnt have. Has anyone else had bleeding start days later or had an earlier period?xx

Hi Tee,

I’ve not had this experience but I just wanted to reassure you. There is nothing that they’re going to do taking biopsies (which are tiny) that is going to cause more than just spotting, unlike a LLETZ procedure - the only concerns could be infection, hence no sex, swimming (things going up there, potentially… :thinking:). Presuming that you didn’t have a LLETZ it’s much more likely that your period has come early with all stresses, strains and physical activity of moving house. X. Congratulations on your move, by the way - I hope it’s a good one and you love your new home - and of course that the results from your biopsies are good. :crossed_fingers:

Hi Tee,

Firstly, your post has relieved me somewhat because I had a similar thing with mu colposcopy / biopsies! I waited just under 2 months for the results only to be told they had insufficient information from the biopsies. I’m booked in again in around a month to have them re-done. I really hope your results come back successfully this time, and nothing serious :crossed_fingers:

Secondly, I did have some discharge and bleeding shortly after the colposcopy, similar to how you have described. However, I didn’t get a period straight after - but I did get one sooner than expected (I’ve got polycycstic ovaries and tend to have a long time between periods) and it also seemed to be shorter than normal. Also, I went to the gym the day after my colposcopy and admittedly, took it easier than normal, but in general it was fine so I don’t think you’ll have done yourself any major damage by moving boxes etc.

Definitely keep an eye on it but from what I’ve read, our periods are likely to be messed around with, and a house move is definitely stressful, so your early period could all be centered around this. Hope this helps a little, and good luck for the rest of the move! :blush: