Biopsy, bleeding.. advice???

After having my colposcopy and biopsy, as described by the lively colposcopist I did bleed and there was brown discharge from the iodine dyes.... it's 10 days layer and I'm still bleeding! It's not more than what I would normally lose having a period it's just so on and off. I can use a sanitary towel for a few hours and nothing it's clean.. No blood. But as soon as I remove it I bleed! I did go back to work the day after my biopsy which does involve being on my feet for long hours, and I had only finished my period the day priopr to my appointment. Do I need to worry? 

Hi There, From what you have described, it sounds normal to me. You could be bleeding/discharging for up to 4-6 weeks before it’s fully healed. I found towards the end, I only needed a pantyliner once a day. You may also be due another period, which may cause it to become heavy and painful. My first period started 2 weeks afterwards which was heavy, but not too painful. Did they tell you that this may happen? The general rule of thumb is: unless you’re having to change a normal pad once an hour, it’s normal. Did they also tell you to refrain from heavy lifting and exercise for at least 2 weeks afterwards?