How long do you bleed after biopsy?

Hello everyone, first time I post here after much reading.

I had a colposcopy and biopsy done last thrusday 22nov. The gyn told me I could bleed for about two days and expect mild cramping. The cramping started immediately and lasted for two days indeed. My bleeding was dark for two days and pretty mild, with the typical metalic smell that a lot of woman mention. on the 3rd day I didn't bleed at all, but today I started having a period like bleeding right after waking up, bright red, but no pain.  My husband thinks that maybe I just got my period, because I'm supposed to get them later this week, but I don't feel my usual period symptoms so I think this is still related to the biopsy? How do I tell the difference? When do I contact my gyn?

I know these questions are asked a lot.... but I just panic easily and seeing blood that isn't supposed to be there is freaking me out!


As for my biopsy, the gyn said it seems pretty severe and he thinks the results will show cin3 or even early cancer. I have the final resulst on thursday. He said he will need to do a 'cone' surgery ...thingy... to cut out the bad cells (sorry, not all to sure on what exactly he said right after that unpeasant biopsy). I told him that if this turns out to be cancer I want him to do a partial hystorectomy and just get it over with. I don't want to risk the chance that this ever comes back. He agreed that it might be the safest way to go. But that are worries for later after we have the final results.

In the mean time, what do I do with this bleeding?



My period came about a week early when i had my punch biopsies. I dont know if that was a coincidence or whether the biopsies triggered it. I think if the bleeding isn't heavey (more than 1 pad an hour) and there is no unpleasant smell then you are probably ok. 

Good luck with your results! xx

After I posted  here I stopped bleeding for 36h. Then I started to get a blown up feeling in my entire pelvic area, the constant urge to pee, losing very liquid discharge, backpain etc... so I though I might be getting an infection. In the last two hours I got extreme cramping again followed by new bleeding. I think these are my periods, im on the 29th day of my cycle so they are due, plus, the blood is mixed with the typical slimy dicharge (sorry for the visual description)... and all the cramping is probably from that. Combined with my byopsy last week It's logical it hurts more then usual so I just hope that by tomorrow my 'crisis' is over. I'm seeing my gyn on thursday morning, just one and a half more day.

Pff, it bothers me that  a lot of doctors don't seem to give enough information on what to expect.  With all the blood, the pain and the waiting for final results, I've been really panicing the last few days... feeling exhausted from it all :/

My update,

I went for my results today and I am CIN 3, no cancerous cells found. We discussed Conization surgery, but with all my other problems we decided to go for a parial hystorectomy. I'm sheduled end of Januari. I'm happy with the results and I'm happy that I can finally have my surgery now. I'm 43, I had my babies and been asking for it since I was 30... so now it's finally going to happen. I just wish I'd seen a gyn sooner instead of trusting my house md for all this years. My test showed that I'm anemic and have low levels of everything because of my heavy periods and probably been this way for years, which explains all the symptoms I was having. My house md kept telling me that I had chaotic hormone patterns....

So, I guess I'm done on these forums, just want to say it's been a huge support in the last weeks!

Good luck everyone and hope you all get good test results back! <3