Is no news good news??

Hiya guys

I had my lltez treatment for severe high grade over 4 weeks ago... The hospital told me I would receive the letter within 3 weeks but still haven't heard ant news.. If it was bad news do yous think I would have heard quicker by now? Xx



Had mine done on 2nd march . Still heard nothing . Was told 4 week wait. Will be calling the hospital tomorrow to chase it up . Waited 10 weeks for colposcopy results - to be told I had CIN 3 and needed a LLETZ . Am also HPV . This whole thing has , and still continues to give me anxiety , despite the consultants apologies for being kept waiting my advice - chase it up . Hope you will be ok too x

I've rang my hospital 3 times now and tried asking my doctor to chase it up but still nothing.. I literally can not wait any longer I've been having panic attacks and can't sleep it's horrible I just want to know now xx


When I had my LLETZ done back in August I didn't hear anything back from them either. I rang the hospital and was told everything was okay. 

So hopefully, in your case as well: hearing nothing is good. 
Not that it stops me worrying...

Best of luck!

My doctor told me I'd recieve results within four weeks but the nurse said 4-6 weeks. Maybe they just aim to get them to you within four weeks but could be upto six. I wouldn't worry but I would definitely call them and ask. Explain the dr informed you four weeks and it's been longer than that. 

Hi murphy

Totally sympathise with you - am similar myself !

Been suffering with bad anxiety over all this since December - hospital still no help today :-(  still waiting 

Hi I'd say unfortunately there is no link unless your results have been marked as urgent they will be sent out when the lab is done with them, they will go to your doctor first and then sent you. It's a horrible time waiting I feel for you all its the worst bit. My results were sent as urgent and we're returned within a fortnight but had already been discussed at a multidisciplinary meeting and a treatment plan made before I was even informed. I'm not trying to scare anyone I'm sure all will be well just the hospitals are dealing with sample not people so they don't really operate in this way.


Charlene xx