Awaiting results and feeling frustrated!

Hi all as some of you know my smear came back CIN3 this was confirmed at my colposcopy, he took two tissue samples and said

he couldn't do any treatment because of how bad it was and wanted to wait on the results and go from there, it's only been 4 days and I'm going

stir crazy! I'm getting a little fed up of hearing the words "no news is good news" think I'm being a little unfair on my husband Etc 

how long did everyone wait for their results? i know I have to go back for treatment regardless of what the results are and this will be done under GA 

im just worried sick Incase it shows CC again I feel so terrible saying it as people are fighting this awful disease and iv not even been diagnosed with it! 

Think it's the waiting that's causing me to ramble sorry! 


I think it depends on the hospital with how long you'll be waiting for your results but mine was a long wait.

I had my colposcopy and biopsy on the 9th December, where the nurse wrote in my notes that it was Cin3 and needed to be done under GA, but didn't write this on the offical onscreen notes. She also didn't tell me any of this and was gone when I came back from getting dressed to ask questions.

I waited 5 weeks for my results (which only said that I needed treatment, the grade wasnt specified) and was given a date for Lletz under LA on the 20th January. I got to the hospital and the doctor opened my file, saw that I couldnt have it done under LA and said I would hear in a few weeks with a pre-op appointment. From there it went pretty fast and I had my Lletz under GA on the 10th February but i'm still waiting for the results from that.

So all in all i've been waiting nearly 3 months since my Colposcopy, which is extremely frustrating.

Hopefully that's just my useless hospital and you won't have as longer wait as I did but you probably do have another few weeks to go i'm afraid.

Your bound to be worried and expecting the worst and I know the words "no news is good news" are irritating but if you don't believe that phrase your going to keep sending yourself stir crazy.

I've done my best to not focus on the results and I am failing miserably but I have to say being on this forum has been the best thing for it. You get to learn other people's experiences as well as discuss your fears with people in similar situations and that's the only thing that has stopped me from bombarding my partner with talk of it every few minutes over the last few months.

If you ever need a chat feel free to message me and I hope you get your results soon xxx

Hi Lola,

I'm so sorry you're going a bit crazy - I had my colposcopy on the 30th January (4 weeks ago today) and had biopsies taken.. The doctor told me there and then that I'd have to wait between 4-6 weeks for the results. I freaked out thinking that no-one cared and they weren't making me a priority etc.. The first week after the colposcopy I was a nervous wreck. It was constantly on my mind and I couldn't eat or sleep properly. Like I say, I'm now in week 4 and to be honest, I've actually managed to put it to the back of my mind. I know the 'no news is good news' is really irritating to hear, but I'm trying to believe that it's true.. If there was something seriously wrong, they'd have been in touch by now.

Hopefully you won't have to wait 4-6 weeks for your results! Especially if they know you're going to need treatment. They'll want to make sure you're dealt with I'm sure. Try and find something to keep your mind occupied. (I've been playing jigsaws online - rock and roll!)

Really hope the waiting doesn't do your head in too much.. Keep us up to date! Fingers are crossed for you xx



Thank you both for your replies, yes the waiting is terrible! I can't believe how long you have waited both of you

it seems a lifetime! I know what you mean about badgering your husband I stop myself from saying anything. 

Iv been keppimg busy this week and I was doing great then bam it creeped back in! Lol! 

Guess it's all normal though and expected but I must say they don't like to rush themselves 



Hi, just thought i would add that when i was first disgnosed at colp i had a _"huge area of cin 3" i had an emergency removal under ga... Anyway i was terrified. But it looked worse than it was and out to be cin 1 and 2


Dr's err on the side of caution. 



I keep seeing people mention HPV now I know what it is but 

I don't know weather iv been tested for it? Im presuming iv not as its never been mentioned? 

My smear and colposcopy picked up cin3 & cin2 but to be honest I never asked anything 

my consultant was a awful man! 



Hiya Lola,

we all understand how you feel, the stress is ridiculous, you end up over thinking everything don't you. However I went to have my Colcosopy on Feb 20th & they told me that my results would be two weeks! Like yourself I had the high grade, the dr tried to perform the loop but couldn't because she said the area was too large & that I needed to go to maybe another hospital to have another procedure. But then on the 25th Feb I got a call asking to go back in to see them as they had my results. So honestly the longer they don't ring you the better it is I say :-) keeping my fingers crossed for you!! Xxx

sorry, my results were for a biopsy taken that day to see if my cells were CC!! Xxx