Is iodine negative good/bad?

I have just had my letter back from the hospital following my colposcopy examination, please could anyone enlighten me what it means when it says ‘iodine negative’ is this a good thing or a bad thing?

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yes no abnormal cells. Lugol iodine shows acetowhite lesions, if any, in case of 1) CIN, 2) condylomas acuminata and 3) cervicitis. Good results girl! Do you have HR-HPV? and how old are you?

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Yes I have had HR HPV for 4 years and I am 35

Do you know which strain? Is it the same strain for the last 4 years? Also, did your smear result say that you have abnormal cells prior to the colposcopy visit?

Unfortunately I don’t know what strain it is, it didn’t mention anything about abnormal cells on my letter but when I went for my colposcopy the doctor said she will give me treatment

Cool she is wise, since sometimes abnormalities can be higher up in the endocervical canal especially when hpv 16/18 (strains) are found. So it is safer for you to do a lletz to be at peace of mind :slight_smile:

Yes she was quite adamant (in the nicest way possible haha) she didn’t want to see me back at the hospital for another colposcopy next year so fingers crossed after this treatment everything will be fine fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:t2:. And thank you so much for replying to me

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All will go well! Best of luck to you :slight_smile: