Colposcopy help

Can anyone who has had similar results shed some light for me?


I had a colposcopy done recently and on the GP letter it stated:

Aceto white, negative iodine and visible punctuation. 

I thought negative iodine was a positive but after googeling its actually a bad thing?


Would appreciate any experience, bad or good.  I am told results will be in 6-8 weeks. Cry


Googling is never a good idea because anybody is allowed to write any old rubbish on the internet. If the letter has come from your GP and you don't understand it then it's probably best that you talk to your doctor. That way you know you are getting accurate information.

Be lucky


Thanks for replying. I have asked the GP but he's not too forthcoming with information as he said he cannot confirm either way but does sound like abnormalities. 

I cannot seem to find much on punctation but it seems to be the same as mosaic. I just thought that others on here may have had similar results and might let me know how their biopsies tutned out. 


Well in that case I hope that somebody here can shed some light on it soon for you.

Go well,