Biopsy for abnormal cells

Hi ladies I wrote a couple of weeks ago about having a positive HPV and abnormal cells result aswell as a ovarian cyst the size of a tennis ball apparently (how I didn’t know it was there is beyond me). I have had my biopsy now and on the letter iv received a few days after it says colcoscopy examination revealed acetowhite and iodine negative changes, biopsy was taken and they will contact me with results. What does acetowhite and iodine negative changes mean? Absolutely hating the waiting for the results and still haven’t had any information about what they are going to do about this cyst. Can someone please advice me. Thank you :purple_heart: xx

I think all you need to know at this stage is that there were things that did not look right when they stained the cervix, so they took a biopsy. You can expect that there will be something that might be abnormal in your results, but there is no way of knowing from this information exactly what that is. My guess is that they will decide what to do about the cyst when they have ascertained what the full situation is. I’m sure you will have it sorted. The waiting is not nice, but try not to worry too much.

Yes, it’s amazing that you could have a cyst that big and not know! X

Just trying to stay really positive but it is so hard isn’t it. It’s only been a week since the biopsy and it’s dragged like hell just hope the next couple of weeks goes abit quicker. Iv even tried lying down in different positions to see if I can feel it but I can’t. My doctor has said there’s a chance I could lose my ovary too so that’s worrying me aswell. Xx

Hi Gemma,

How are you getting on? I just had thr same results, acetowhite changes with iodine negative, waiting on biopsy results, wondering how you are?

Hi, I had lletz treatment for the abnormal cells and a hysteroscopy because my coil had got embedded in my womb due to a large ovarian cyst I have got. I ended up with pelvic inflammatory disease but they gave me 2 lots of antibiotics for 2 weeks and things with my cervix seem to be back to normal. Got to go back in July for another smear so fingers crossed everything ok. I know it’s easier said than done but try not to worry too much. I wish I’d of listened to people when they told me to relax because the treatment itself wasn’t as bad as I expected because you are numb. The hysteroscopy on the other hand wasnt very pleasant.
How long ago did you have your biopsy, it took a while for my results to come back. Keep us updated xxx

I had my colposcopy laat Tuesday, but im with bupa so hoping it will be quicker than NHS. Glad you are on the mend xx

Sorry came across your posts and thought I would comment :relaxed: Glad your cervical cells are back to normal!

My mum had a ovarian cyst the size of a melon! And we only noticed when her belly looked bloated constantly and she had some pain (she was slightly oversized anyway)

Fast forward a year later and she is fully recovered from a full hysterectomy and had the melon sized cyst tested for cancer and was cancer free, madness!

Fingers crossed, let us know as soon as you hear anything from them. Got everything crossed for you. Here for you if you need to talk. X

Hi thank you for your comment.
Not sure if cells are back to normal yet but it has healed very well and not in pain anymore.
I’m pretty sure my cysts have grown, my stomach is so swollen and painful, finally got my MRI scan now after months of fighting for an appointment due to me ending up in ane with another cyst that burst. Had a young girl ask me if I was pregnant the other day, I can completely understand why she asked because I do look about 6 months now :disappointed_relieved:. I really hope it doesn’t come to me having a hysterectomy but if needs must then that’s what’s got to happen. So glad your mum has had a fill recovery. How does she feel about it all? Xx

Sorry for the late reply! Only pop on every now and then, I have severe abnormal cells whilst pregnant so health anxiety is not the best. Hope the MRI scan goes as well as it can, and hopefully treatment can avoid a hysterectomy. The reason my mum had to was purely the size of it. She is feeling great now, she went through it all during covid so had to isolate and had no visitors during her hospital stay, but a year on she feels better than she has ever felt. She got told it was cancer before her operation, tbh I am in total awe of her, such a strong woman. I will keep an eye on your posts and hope you are are ok :heart:

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