HPV positive - colposcopy biopsy

Hi ladies! Just looking for some advice, I have had a positive HPV result in my smear 3 years in a row now but no abnormal cells (despite having the vaccine at age 12 of which apparently got changed 1 year later!) The nurse explained if this one was HPV positive even without abnormal cells its routine for a colposcopy.

Anyway- fast forward a month or so I went for my colposcopy, thinking to myself it’s just routine. The consultant said she has spotted an area “more dense than I’d expect” not sure what she meant by this, and took a few biopsies, now I’m panicking because could my smear the past 3 years of missed abnormal cells?! Has anyone else had something similar? I should have asked but to be honest I was just so upset I wanted to get out of there. Appreciate any conversation regarding similar situations xx

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Hi Sophie

The ‘dense’ may be referring to the acetowhite changes. When they put the solution on then they watch how the colour changes and if there are ‘dense white’ changes then they often biopsy to rule out cin2 or cin3 which are the type of cells they would want to remove to prevent the possibility of cancer in the future. So, be reassured that your consultant is being thorough and remember even ‘dense white’ changes are likely just cell changes that they can treat, not CC!

I’m currently waiting for colposcopy biopsy results where they saw dense white changes too. I know it’s so hard not to worry, but we should be reassured that our colposcopists are being thorough!


Hey lovely, thank you for your message! I feel abit more at ease now knowing that is potentially what she meant. I’ve spent the whole week over thinking it all & worried sick. I was just so confused how my smear picked up no abnormal cells then she said this.

Wishing you all the luck in the world for your results xx

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Glad you’re feeling more at ease. It’s so hard not to let imagine runaway when waiting for results - I certainly did!

My letter arrived yesterday (took 4 weeks and 2 days - not that I was counting!:joy:).

Biopsy shows CIN1 and signs of hpv (even though my last 2022 smear test came back hpv negative). They say hopefully CIN1 can resolve without treatment.

I’ve been invited for another colposcopy in three months and then will have to have a smear in a year. It feels good that they are keeping an eye on it all.

Good luck with your results too! And I know it’s easier said than done but try not too think about it too much while you’re waiting!


I have had dealt with HSIL with HPv 16/18 for the past 2 and a half years…have done Colposcopy, LEEP, and Laser that led to a Hysterectomy in 9/2022…5 months later repeat Pap with the same results…Referred to Gyn/Oncologist and they did Colposcopy which led to Laser Surgery. 4 mnths later Repeat pap vaginal area…Positive HSIL with HPV 16/18…now they want to schedule me a Colposcopy. Any advice? I feel like Im just repeating everything over and over

I’m currently going through the same thing and just made a post about it because feeling so confused. Honestly the same, I couldn’t ask much questions because I felt overwhelmed. You are definitely not alone, and I am waiting for my biopsy result too. The good thing is that they are checking thoroughly even though the smear tests came back normal.

It’s hard not to worry but knowing that you aren’t alone in this and others like myself can relate may give you some ease x