Positive Iodine test

Hi there, I recently had a positive high risk HPV result with an abnormal pap. I went in yesterday for a colonoscopy. The vinegar test was negative, but the iodine test was positive for 2 spots. The doctor took a biopsy of both spots as well as a sample from inside the cervix. The doctor said the spots weren’t of major concern just by visual inspection. When she did the iodine she showed me the video, there was one spot that was bright yellow/Orange not the dark brown it should have been. Also the opening of the cervix was bright pink and not stained brown. I am worried about it. I keep googling things and making it worse. I have to wait 1 to 2 weeks for the result. I am 26, I have one son and wouldbpike to have more children with my future husband. He is very supportive about all of this. I am currently taking birth control and I am going to talk to my doctor about stopping that as a preventative measure. We aren’t ready for children quite yet so it’s sort of a big deal right now. Any advice or stories would be appreciated!