Is anyone else STILL waiting for results?! 9 weeks?

I am told by my doctors that the waiting time for results is approx 3 months atm!!

I am nine weeks in so far, I think it's disgusting and dangerous to keep people waiting this long!

Every day when the post comes I always think about my results, having previously had pre-cancerous. But they never arrive cry

Is anyone else here still waiting... longer than 9 weeks?

J x

Oh god, this is awful! Where do you live? 

I was told 4 weeks - I’m currently at week 3 and having a heart attack each time I open the front door of an evening. 

It is terrible we are all waiting this long. I’ve called the GP in case they find out electronically but nothing their end either!

I’ve been waiting 8 weeks tomorrow, they told me if I call tomorrow and they still aren’t back they will give me the number for the hospital. I mean my last smear was ok, so I’m just going on the assumption if something was wrong I’d of heard by now. I’m in the midlands x

I’m midlands too! Birmingham. I’m sure last time I had a smear they were back within two weeks.


My post op follow up smear was July 2017, and I was told to go back a year later and check again, just to be safe

I rang AGAIN this morning, and my records say 'Test discarded - too early'!!!

Apparently my records say test every three years following my op, so the recent smear was simply thrown away! And they didnt even bother to tell me! Absolutely disgusting

I hope for mine and their sake that my next smear test comes back completly clear or I will be CAUSING HELL!

That's absolutely awful! Who eventually told you? The GP?

My experience of the post smear test wait has just been terrible this time.

Everytime I see the media campaign encouraging women to go, whilst i do fully agree, the labs simply wouldn't cope if everyone went! If smear tests are at their lowest and I'm over 4 weeks waiting now, what on earth would they be if everyone went?

Its the anxiety re: results more than the test that puts me off (nothing would actually stop me going, but still...)