Information and advice needed please!

I feel like this is going to sound like a stupid question but I just don’t understand so here it goes…

A year ago I had the LLETZ procedure for CIN3. I received a letter afterwards that was very short and just confirmed CIN3 had been found - they asked me to go for another smear test 6 months later. I went for the smear test and these results showed I was negative for HPV and so without testing for cell changes, they put me back on to 3 yearly smear tests.

This did make me feel a bit nervous anyway but looking through my medical records today I found some extra information about my colposcopy last year that hadn’t been shared with me at the time. It says -

‘Grade of CIN present: CIN3
Presence or absence of extension into crypts: Present
Completeness of excision at ectocervical margin: involved by CIN3
Completeness of excision at endocervical margin: clear of margin’

Now am I going mad or does this read that they were not able to remove all CIN3 and my ectocervical margins were not clear?! If so, is it really just normal practice to leave this and not do anything? I appreciate the smear test 6 months later showed no HPV but they didn’t check the cells - could the CIN3 still be there without the HPV?! I’m so confused!!!

As it goes I had already been referred back to colposcopy due to continued brown discharge and pain, but this appointment isn’t until next month. Any useful information anyone could share to help me understand this would be so so appreciated!!!

I just posted about a similar thing. I had treatment for CIN3 and my test of cure just said I am HPV negative. How can I be sure the cells are all gone? Nothing from Dr Google so I am super confused. I will call the nurse on Tuesday to discuss with her, I can let you know what she says.
Hope your colposcopy goes well and it is nothing to worry about! x

Don’t use Dr Google - it will not help you at all. The best thing is to talk to your nurse or your practice, but ‘clear of margins’ as I understand it means that the margins around the cells were clear - in other words they got all of them in the LLETZ. I do think it’s very important that you’ve been now referred for colposcopy for the discharge and pain - I do hope the results will show nothing serious and be good news for you.