Infection or not?

Hi! I had a lletz under ga on 23rd October, had no pain afterwards and very light spotting (browny/orange colour) I'm still getting really dizzy spells a week later, I'm super super bloated to the point I look 6 months pregnant and since yesterday I've started having some bright pink streaks of discharge. There's occasionally a smell but not all the time. I did have bloods taken Monday but they've all come back fine. I'm a bit confused! 


I didnt get an infection so I can only describe how I was after my lletz. I bled on and off for 4 weeks after and was also bloated at times. My symptoms were at their worse around 10-14 days after the procedure when i think the scabs came loose (gross). I had a couple of days of really dark bloody discharge that smelt weird. But at no point did I feel dizzy, just a bit tired.


I had infections after my 1st lletz it was more a burning feeling when I passed urine, low abdominal pain and a not very nice smell. 

They can easily check with a water sample or swabs I had both and needed 3 lots of antibiotics to clear different infections, I'm not sure if I had any of them before the lletz or if they were a result of.

Get checked out if you're worried x


I had very little bleeding but lots of discharge and noticed a smell. Also felt extremely run down. Dr did a swab and i had an infection at the biopsy site and also strep b so was given 2 antibiotics. When i finished them i felt so much better and zero discharge. So worth going to get checked again just in case.x